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program (or loyalty program) is an all-encompassing term for the plan or database.  All Kognitiv Loyalty customers have one program.  Historically, multiple programs were supported, but this is no longer a valid configuration.

Initial Program Configuration

There are a massive amount of items to cover upon initial creation of a program.  This section covers only the options specified in the aforementioned system location.

Managing a program in the aforementioned page is usually only done at the inception of the program.  Any proposed changes should be forwarded to Kognitiv Loyalty Support for their review.

  • Program - The formal program name.  This is displayed throughout the application and its external components.
  • Active/Locked - An "active" program is in full use, while a locked program is meant only for a total shutdown of the program.
  • Default Program - In the event there are multiple programs, this checkbox declares the default.
  • Description - A basic "internal use only" description for the program.
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