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Product Code Promotion

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A product code promotion is a web-based promotion that is used to issue points to members who enter a predetermined code in the associated entry textbox on the customer web portal and/or Facebook Application.  Each product code promotion is assigned a list of codes via one or more of the Product Code File(s) and any code can only be entered once per promotion.  In configuration, a product code can't be used in more than one promotion.

Product Code Promotion Setup

Clicking "Edit" in the grid for an existing promotion will start the editing process.  Alternately, the instructions below detail the process of creating a new promotion.

Creating a Promotional Transaction Type

    Main Article: Transaction Type

In order to issue points, a relevant promotional transaction type must exist within the application.

Managing a Product Code Promotion

Click "Add Product Code Promotion" at the top of the page to begin the promotion creation process.  The name and description are the first two entry boxes on the page, with the description being for internal use only.
Alternately, to modify an existing promotion, click the "Edit" link within the grid for the associated promotion.  Modifying an existing promotion will not affect transactions that have already been issued.  Unused promotions can also be deleted from the "Edit" page.
  • Transaction Type - The type of transaction that will be issued to eligible members who successfully participate.
  • Points to Issue - The amount of points that will accompany the transaction issued to participating members.
  • Active Date Range - The date range in which product code entries will be considered valid.
  • Validate Product Item - If enabled, validates that the product item entered is within one of the selected product item groups at submission.  If the product item is associated to the code at import, then this associated product item is used regardless of member input (unless the member enters a product item not in the system -- an error will occur), whether it is required or optional as it has already been imported.  If product item requirement by member input is desired, do not associate the product item with the code at import.
  • Entry Limit - If enabled, enforces an entry limit for code entry.
  • Eligible Members - Specifies the eligible club(s) and/or segment(s) of members who are eligible.

Importing the Product Codes

    Main Article: File Importing

In order to populate the database with the valid product codes, one of the appropriate Product Code files must be imported into Kognitiv Loyalty.

Enabling the Product Code Entry

The entry points for Product codes must be established to allow for member participation.

Customer Web Portal

    Main Article: Customer Web Portal Module Management

A "Product Code Entry" module type is necessary for entry via the customer web portal.

Mobile Portal

    Main Article: Mobile Site Settings

Facebook Application

    Main Article: Facebook App Settings

Enabling the "Promotions" option will allow for code entry via the Facebook Application.

Viewing Product Code Promotion Statistics

Clicking "Stats" in the grid will display statistics for the associated promotion.

Disabling a Product Code Promotion

Used product code promotions cannot be deleted.  To prematurely disable a product code promotion, click "Edit" for the associated promotion and disable the "Eligible Members" option(s) or change the end of the active date range, then save.  Before saving, it is recommended to alter the description to store the original information.

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