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Retro Claim Keys

System Location: System / Retro Claim / Retro Claim Keys

Retro Claim Keys act as a part of a composite key that is utilized in the retro claim process.  Upon generation of a retro transaction, the appropriate values are stored in the configured keys.  When a retro claim entry is made, values for these keys are entered and are used to match the claim with the transaction.  The retro claim keys must be configured properly in their entirety for complete retro claim support to be ensured.  The actual configuration to be used will vary depending on how the retro transactions are generated.

Table of Contents
  1. Managing Retro Claim Keys

Managing Retro Claim Keys

To edit an existing Retro Claim Key, click "Edit" in the grid next to the applicable Retro Claim Key.  

  • Key Name - The formal key name, which will be displayed in various grids and returned in web services.
  • Key Prompt - The key prompt, which will be displayed in input and search forms.
  • Key External Reference - The identifier for the key that various processes will use to reference it, such as file imports and web services.
  • Sort Order - The preferred sort order used to display the key on input and search forms.
  • Input Datatype - The expected datatype for key values provided upon retro claim submission.  This value cannot be changed for key(s) that default to text or date.
  • Settings
    • Enabled - If checked, this retro claim key will be utilized within the functionality.
    • Only Visible to CSR - If checked, this retro claim key will be hidden on the member portal and not applicable to web services.
  • On-Demand Message Placeholder - This placeholder can be used in retro claim-related messaging for members, so the appropriate key value is populated.  The value displayed here can't be changed.


Once a retro claim key is created and utilized, further edits must be performed with caution.  All available retro claim keys are generated upon database creation.  Furthermore, keys can't be deleted, only disabled.

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