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New Loyalty Member File (Extended 2)

Intended Application

To insert new members.



  • Header record is expected.  The first record will be skipped.
  • If custom field data is for a "list" type custom field, a semi-colon must be used to separate the items.
  • If an invalid parameter for a "dropdown" custom field is imported, any existing value for this field will be removed.
  • For checkbox value types; 1, Y, YES = True (Checked) || 0, NO, N = FALSE (Unchecked).
  • Any delimiter, except for a semi-colon and [tab], can be used to separate columns.  The delimiter used is then specified at the time of file import.
  • In the event a provided birthdate can't be properly interpreted (bad data), the file import will suspend itself.


Processing Logic

  • If the Account Id does not exist in the system, a new member will be created.
  • If no Account Id is contained within the record, a new member without an Account Id will be created.
  • A complete address (address line 1, city, state, zip, and country) is required for address to be saved with this file.



File Structure




Account Id




Name Prefix Alphanumeric


First Name Alphanumeric


Middle Name Alphanumeric No    
Last Name Alphanumeric Yes    
Name Suffix Alphanumeric No    
Birthdate Date/Time No YYYY-MM-DD  
Gender Alphanumeric No   Allowed Values (Blank, M, F, Male, Female). 
Address Line 1 Alphanumeric No    
Address Line 2 Alphanumeric No    
City Alphanumeric No    
Region/State/Province Alphanumeric No   2-letter abbreviation or region name (dependent on region type for country)
Postal/Zip Code Alphanumeric No    
Country Alphanumeric No   2-letter abbreviation
Phone Formatted Numeric No See Article  
Mobile Phone Formatted Numeric No See Article  
Email Address Alphanumeric No  
Preferred Contact Method - Offers Numeric No 1 = Email, 2 = Text If no value default to 1 (Email)
Preferred Contact Method - NonOffers Numeric No 1 = Email, 2 = Text If no value default to 1 (Email)
Customer Web Portal Password Alphanumeric No   Maximum of 20 characters.
Kiosk PIN Numeric No   Maximum of 6 characters.
Enroll Date/Time Date/Time Yes MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS  
Location External Reference Alphanumeric Yes   The external reference of the location where the member enrolled.
Custom Field(s) Varies No   Custom Field External Reference(s) is needed in header in proper position.


Sample File


1919||Test||Member|||||||||||||||||01/09/2013 13:42:00|4444

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