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club (or loyalty club) is the highest hierarchal and most important level of manual member grouping.  In more simplistic terms, a club in Kognitiv Loyalty is a formal association of members within the program.  A member can exist in no clubs (not recommended), only one club, or multiple clubs, and their club assignment(s) can be changed at any time.

Clubs can be very powerful in targeting members with various rewardspromotionscampaigns and many other items.  However, many Kognitiv Loyalty clients only have one club, as having multiple clubs can make overall system management a more complex task.

Club Management

On the aforementioned system location, click "Add Club" at the top of the page to begin club creation.  Alternately, click "Edit" within the grid to manage an existing club.  Clubs can also be deleted from the edit page.

The initial entry textboxes ask for the club name and the external reference.

  • Default Club - Marking a club as the default automatically checks this checkbox when a member is enrolled via the application.
  • Check to Disable Manual Assignment - If enabled, members cannot be manually added or removed from this club via the application.

Enabling both of the above options will force all newly created members (via the application) into the club, without a way to manually remove them.

Changing Existing Member Club Assignments

As previously stated, a member can be added or removed from a club at any time, assuming the "disable manual assignment" option is not enabled for the club(s).

Via File Import (Add Only)

    Main Article: Member Loyalty Club Enrollment File

With the above file import, multiple existing members can be added to the club selected upon import.

Manually via Clienteling Services

    Main Article: Clienteling Services

After retrieving a member in Clientelling Services, their club assignment can be altered by visiting the "Clubs" link in the left area of the page.

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