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The Member Portal (or Customer Web Portal) refers to the public-facing web site that is integrated with Kognitiv Loyalty.  This web site allows direct access to the loyalty program with the primary purpose of allowing members to interact with the program from their home computer.  Members can perform a variety of tasks that include: reviewing transactional activity, accessing recent news content, changing account settings, accessing the reward store, and much more.

The standard customer web portal is fully configurable from within Kognitiv Loyalty at the aforementioned location.  However, external customer web portals can be created with the assistance of web services to provide a similar level of integration.

Getting Started

Understanding the Portal Layout

The customer web portal consists of three vertical data columns or panes; left, body (center), and right, with a banner at the top and a footer at the bottom.  The location and form of the navigation varies by theme (see below).



Portal Main Menu Items are used to create new tabs (or menus depending on the theme), with Sub Menu Items being the "child" items to the main menus.  Portal modules are then used to populate the menus, with content being inserted into those modules.

Selecting a Portal Theme

   Main ArticleCustomer Web Portal Themes

Currently, Kognitiv Loyalty customer web portal is available in three separate themes; dropdown, tab, and left pane, one of which is selected before proceeding with implementation of the customer web portal.

Defining Portal Appearance

    Main Articles: Portal Appearance SettingsPortal Appearance Images

The various colors, fonts, and images can be defined using the pages displayed above.

Portal Security

Each menu item can be set to display to all viewers, members only, or guests only.  Furthermore, "members only" pages can be targeted to only specific segments and can utilize "members only" modules that reference account-specific information.

Gathering Portal Content

Before proceeding with portal content gathering, it is a good idea to access the customer web portal module types page to view the various types of modules that are available.  

Managing the Customer Web Portal

Review Global Settings

    Main Article: Global Settings (Customer Web Portal)

There are some options here, specifically related to the "Login Module", that should be reviewed and tested before proceeded.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free product that enables you to track activity on your portal.  It can provide many detailed statistics about portal visitors.  Google Analytics can show how people found your site and how they explored it. For example, you will be able to see how many people visited the portal, how many page views you have, number of visits, what pages were visited, average time on pages, bounce rate, what browsers customers used while visiting, and much more.
Google Analytics tracking is already built into the member portal.  Please review the Global Settings page above to get more information.

Configuring the Portal Banner

    Main Article: How To - Configure a Banner

The banner area occupies the top-most portion of the entire portal.

Creating Portal Main Menu Items

    Main Article: Portal Main Menu Item

Main menu items (or pages) make up the major areas of content and navigation of the site.

Creating Portal Sub Menu Items

    Main Article: Portal Sub Menu Item

Optional sub menu items (or pages) allow for extended navigation within main menu items.

Portal Access Settings

    Main Article: Portal Access Settings

Portal Access Settings govern who can log into the portal.

Uploading Portal Media

    Main Article: Upload a Portal ImageUpload a Portal Flash Movie

In order to use portal images or portal flash movies within the customer web portal, they must first be uploaded into Kognitiv Loyalty database.

Creating Modules

    Main Article: Customer Web Portal Module Management

Configuring Portal Settings

    Main Article: Customer Web Portal Settings

A variety of customer web portal settings are available to customize the functionality that is available.

Configuring Additional Languages

    Main Article: Languages

Through the portal text functionality (mentioned below), alternate languages are supported as of 2014.2 within the desktop version of the customer web portal and the mobile portal.  Members can select their desired language upon visiting either portal, which is then saved in a browser cookie for future utilization.  This requires extensive system-wide setup for all items displayed in the portal.

Configuring Portal Text

    Main Article: Customer Web Portal Text

General phrases and error messaging is used throughout the customer web portal.  However, this can be customized to provide a more customer-friendly experience and also to support additional languages.

Using the Customer Web Portal

Password Retrieval

If a member has forgotten or does not have a portal password set, they can enter their login ID in the appropriate text box, then click the "Forgot Password?" button.  If an Email address is on file, they will automatically be sent an Email.  If not, they will be asked further questions before proceeding.

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