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Intended Application

To issue a transaction to a member without product-related information.



  • One of two identifiers can be supplied (Account Id or Internal Member Id).  If both are supplied, the Account Id is given preference and is used to retrieve the member.  If no Internal Member Id is available, enter -1 for this field.
  • Inactive Account Ids will not be issued transaction(s) using this call.


Input Parameters



WS Security Token




Member Account Id Alphanumeric Yes/No   See Article Notes
Internal Member Id Integer Yes/No   See Article Notes
Location External Reference Alphanumeric Yes    
Transaction Type External Reference Alphanumeric Yes    
Local Activity Timestamp Alphanumeric Yes MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS AM/PM Based on corporate timezone when the token was last saved.
Transaction External Reference Alphanumeric No   Unique key from external system.
Transaction Retail Value Decimal Yes    
Transaction Point Value Decimal Yes   Used only when points are directly entered.
Transaction Profit Value Decimal Yes   Used only when profit is directly entered.
Check For Duplicate Transaction Integer Yes  

1 = Transaction External Reference is used to check for a duplicate.  If found, transaction is not inserted.

0 = Duplicate check is bypassed.

Fetch Updated Member Point Totals Integer Yes  

1 = Post-transaction point totals are returned.

0 = No point totals are returned.

Process POS Message Promotion on Success Integer Yes  

1 = Relevant messages are returned.

0 = No messages are returned.


Common Return Codes


Additional error codes may be generated. Their descriptions can be found by calling GetReturnCodeMessage.


More Information

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