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coupon is a type of slip that can be issued to members by visiting a kiosk, accessing an associated customer web portal module, Facebook applicationpoint-of-sale portal or via web services.  Coupons are not standalone objects, as their issuance is governed by a related promotion, such as a coupon promotion.  A major difference between coupons and rewards, is that coupons do not require members to use their points, while rewards may or may not, depending on their setup. 

Offer Status

Main Article: Offer Status

Once issued to a member, an offer can attain a variety of statuses depending on member and/or user actions.

Coupon Issuance Management

As previously stated, a coupon is not a standalone object as its issuance is governed by an associated promotion.  There are multiple steps involved in the creation and management of coupon issuance.

Creating a Coupon

Coupons are created on the Coupons page, located within the Offers menu item.  The "Add Coupon" link at the top of the page will begin the process of creating a new coupon.


Categories are used to group "like" objects, mainly for organizational purposes.  Although not required, it is considered a good practice to create logical, yet not overly specific categories early in the program. 

Issue Limits

Upon creation of a coupon, the overall issue limit is configurable.  This issue limit is for the lifetime of the coupon on a system-wide scale and will override any promotional issue limits that are configured.

Print Templates

The print template governs the appearance of the printed slip.  The "member facing" print template refers to those generated by the member, but not at a kiosk, while the "device" print template controls the appearance of the latter.  The application print template governs the appearance of coupons generated within Kognitiv Loyalty.

Email & Text Templates

The messaging templates govern the type of template that is used when the coupon is distributed externally.


Dynamic placeholders can be used within the description to auto-populate values upon printing the coupon.

Placeholder Description
%MEMBER_FIRST_NAME% Member First Name
%MEMBER_LAST_NAME% Member Last Name
%MEMBER_NAME% Member Full Name
%MEMBER_PRIMARY_ID% Primary Account Id
%MEMBER_POINTS_AVAILABLE% Member Available Point Balance
%MEMBER_POINTS_EARNED% Member Lifetime Points Earned
%MEMBER_POINTS_EXPIRED% Member Lifetime Points Expired
%MEMBER_POINTS_LOCKED% Member Points Locked
%LOCATION% Originating Location of Coupon


Managing a Coupon Promotion

Depending on the origination point of the coupon, the type of promotion that needs to be created may differ.

Coupon Management

A coupon can be observed and/or edited at any time by visiting the Coupons page and clicking the "Edit" link for the associated coupon.  From the edit page, a coupon can also be deleted, but only if it has not been issued.

Archiving a Coupon

On the edit page, checking the "Archive" checkbox essentially renders the coupon ineligible for use in future promotions.

Viewing Coupon Statistics

Although promotion-specific statistics are available via the promotion management pages, it will be easier to view the statistics for a coupon used in more than one promotion from the Coupons page.  The on-screen grid offers statistics, as does the "Stats" link in the aforementioned grid.

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