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External Reference

An external reference is an identifier for a system object, such as a location.  This identifier, or code, can be used to refer to a system object, such as a location when using web servicesfile imports, and other methods of sending data to Kognitiv Loyalty from an external source. For example, assigning descriptors to locations using a Location Descriptor File requires the locations to have external references  External references are also used when sending data from Kognitiv Loyalty to external sources.  Due to the importance of external references in data exchanges, it is highly advisable that any changes to external references after implementation are avoided.

External references are typically not required, but in a database that is dependent on external data feeds and analysis, it is considered "best practice" to always set external references for items.  Almost all external references are limited to 20 characters, with the exception of transaction external reference which has a maximum length of 40.  Transaction external references are also slightly different as the uniqueness of the external reference is not governed globally, but by the process that fetches or inserts them.

An example external reference for a location named "Smith's Restaurant" might be, SMRST.

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