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System LocationAdmin/ Languages

Languages can be added and managed through the aforementioned system location for public-facing areas of the application.

Multiple languages are supported for the customer web portalmobile portal and on-demand messaging.  The alternate language content is configured throughout the application.  This article is relevant for this functionality.

The French language, as well as Chilean Spanish will be supported in the Clienteling Services page, only for general application-based labels.  Configurable alternate language content is not supported for this.  This article is NOT relevant for this functionality, as application-based language and translation is contained within the core application itself.  If the primary language in the client's browser is French or Chilean Spanish, the application will display in this language automatically.  Globalization of items such as currency and dates are supported in Kognitiv Loyalty and relevant browser/operating system regional settings will be observed for this.

Creating & Managing Languages

Clicking "Add Language" at the top of the page will begin the creation of an alternate language.  Alternately, clicking "Edit" within the associated grid allows for changes to existing rewards.  Once in the edit page, an unwanted language can be removed by clicking the "Delete" button.

Applicable language-related options include:

  • Language - The formal, public name for the language (Example: English).
  • Language External Reference - The external reference associated with the language.
  • Browser Country String - Inherited as the observed browser country string for the language.  A language code or combination of language and country/region can be used for increased compatibility/formatting (ISO 639 & ISO 3166 - Example: French Canada = fr-CA).  This is primarily used for the globalization of items such as currency, dates, and numbers.  Browser country strings that result in the client operating system/browser defaulting to a non-Gregorian calendar are not supported.
  • Enable in Portal - If enabled, the language will be available for selection in the portal.  At least one language must be enabled.
  • Default Language - The defaulting language for the portal for new viewers and members who have not selected a language, if a more appropriate default can't be assumed from the user's browser settings.

After setting the applicable variables, click the "Save" button to save changes.

Member Preferred Language

A member's "preferred language" is separate from the functionality above and will impact functionality surrounding alternate languages as it pertains to some messaging.

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