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Member Property

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member property (or property item) is a user-managed collection of data fields of which a member can have none, one, or many of.  This functionality is similar to that of traditional member custom fields, except that a member can have multiple instances of the same field types.  

For example, traditional member custom fields alone, can be created to manage details about a person's residence -- such as square footage, location, and value.  However, if a member has multiple residences, this setup will become cumbersome as "multiples" of each field type would have to be created.  

 Member Custom Field Method  Property Item Method
  • Residence 1 Square Footage = 1500
  • Residence 1 Location = East
  • Residence 1 Value = 200,000


  • Residence 2 Square Footage = 2600
  • Residence 2 Location = Southeast
  • Residence 2 Value = 275,000
  •  Residence 1
    • Square Footage = 1500
    • Location = East
    • Value = 200,000
  • Residence 2
    • Square Footage = 2600
    • Location = Southeast
    • Value = 275,000

With property items, the member can simply create multiple instances of the property, one for each residence, with the associated property custom field types for each.  The above table compares the two methods of setup.

Managing a Property Item

To create a new property item, click the "Add Property Item" link at the top of the aforementioned system location.  Alternately, you can edit an existing Property Item by clicking "Edit" in the grid next to the applicable Property Item.  Furthermore, unused Property Items can be deleted from this edit page.

Property Custom Fields

    Main Articles: Custom Field

Property custom fields are the necessary second-step in fully creating a property item.  These fields allow for further details to be entered for each member property.  In the example in the first paragraph, the "residence" would be the property item, while the "square footage" would be a property custom field.  The custom fields must first be created before they can be assigned via the property item "Edit" page.

Note: A property custom field can be shared by more than one property item.

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