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Transfer Target

System LocationAdmin / Transfer Targets

A transfer target is an entity that a member can redeem points for in exchange for a reward and designate that reward for donation, or for similar reasons, to the entity.

Managing Transfer Targets

To create a new Transfer Target, click the "Add Transfer Target" link at the top of the aforementioned system location.  Alternately, you can edit an existing Transfer Target by clicking "Edit" in the grid next to the applicable Transfer Target.  Furthermore, unused Transfer Targets can be deleted from this edit page.

  • Transfer Target Name - The formal Transfer Target name. (String of up to 120 characters)
  • Transfer Target External Reference - The Transfer Target's external reference identifier.

Custom Fields & Descriptors

    Main Articles: Custom FieldDescriptor

Custom fields and descriptors are optional.  They allow additional information to be stored, regarding the Transfer Target.


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