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2012.3 Clienteling Services Changes

System Location: Member-Services / Clienteling Services

With the 2012.3 release, the Clienteling Services page has undergone some changes to the overall functionality and the general flow of member account management.

Management Flow

The Clienteling Services page has now been split into two separate views.  By clicking the links (designated by the red box in the above image), you can manuever between each of the views:

  • Search View - The search view is used to retrieve customers. 
  • Detail View - The detail view is used for enrollments and typical account management.  Once a member account is retrieved from the Search View, the Detail View will be loaded with the retrieved member's information.

Using the Search View

Using the same search control as before, you can enter the information in the "Search For" box after selecting the appropriate filter in the dropdown to the right.  To execute search, click the "Search Now" button, or simply press the enter key while the cursor is in the input box.

If only one member is retrieved, you will be automatically redirected to the "Search View" with the member account details retrieved.  Otherwise, you will need to select the appropriate member by using the "Select" button in the appropriate data row.

Extended Modules

In the screenshot above, the new "extended modules" area is outlined by the red box.  This acts as a "quick view" to provide more information to the user about the retrieved member account.  This module can be customized and the configuration details related to this new feature can be found in the Clienteling Settings article.

Hot Note

The hot note feature acts as a "quick alert" and is located just above the "extended modules" selection.  Only one note can be stored here (maximum of 256 characters).  The last user and edit time is displayed above the note and the note can be changed at any time used the "(Change)" link.

Enrollment Location

The location from which the member was enrolled is now visible beneath the enrollment date, next to the Enrolled in Program label in the bottom-right of the displayed member acconut details.


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