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Random Point Promotion

System LocationPromotions / Batch Promotions / Random Point Promotion

*Deprecated the ability to create this promotion type, but you may still edit existing promotions

random point promotion is a reusable promotion that is used to randomly issue a fixed amount of points to eligible members.  The promotion must be manually executed for the transactions to be issued, although it can be configured to auto-execute on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Creating a Promotional Transaction Type

    Main Article: Transaction Type

A relevant transaction that is controlled via promotional settings is necessary to award points via this promotion.

Managing a Random Point Promotion

A new promotion is created by clicking the "Add" link at the top of the page.  Alternately, an existing promotion can be modified by clicking the "Edit" link within the grid for the associated promotion.  Modifying existing promotions does not affect transactions that have already been issued.  The first two parameters, name and description, are used for internal reference.

  • Transaction Type - The type of transaction that will be issued for the bonus.
  • Point Formulae to Issue - The amount of points that will be issued with the transaction.  Up to five separate amounts can be issued per promotion.  If the sum of "issue per executions" exceeds the amount of eligible members, the remaining transactions will not be issued.  A member can only receive a maximum of one transaction and the point amounts will be issued in order, from top to bottom.
  • Auto Execute - If this promotion is intended to automatically execute on an ongoing basis, select the appropriate interval.
  • Business Unit / Location - Specify the defaulting location that will be issuing the points.
  • Eligible Members - The eligible member tree is used to specify who will receive the bonus upon execution.  A member only needs to be a part of one of the selected segment(s) and/or club(s) to be eligible.

After saving, the promotion will be available for execution.  Only after execution will the bonus transactions be issued.

Executing a Random Point Promotion

From the main grid, click "Executions" to reach the execution page.  When on the execution view page, click the "Execute" link in the upper-left of the page to reach the final execution page.

On the final execution page, select the originating business unitlocation, and activity timestamp for all bonus transactions issued by the promotion.  When complete, click the "Save" button.  The process will be scheduled and transactions will begin issuing.

Viewing Random Point Promotion Statistics

Past instances of promotion executions can be viewed by clicking the "Executions" link for the associated promotion.  To view details on members who receive the points, click the "Issued Details" link on this page.


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