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Internet Instant Winner Promotion

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*Deprecated the ability to create this promotion type, but you may still edit existing promotions

An internet instant winner promotion governs random or fixed frequency issuance of internal rewards via the customer web portal.  Upon a member logged into the portal, any internet instant winner promotions will be checked and any related rewards will be automatically issued if the member is eligible.  Furthermore, a pop-up window will display if the logged in member is a winner.  Real-time grouping can't be used to guarantee prioritization or to prevent members from receiving more than one instant winner from multiple promotions in the same login.

Creating Internal Reward(s)

    Main Article: Internal Reward

Each instant winner promotion can manage up to five internal rewards, issuing one at random to an eligible member.  However, only one internal reward is necessary.

Managing Internet Instant Winner Promotions

To create a new internet instant winner promotion, click the "Add Internet Instant Winner Promotion" link on the aforementioned system page.  Furthermore, an existing internet instant winner promotion may be modified by clicking "Edit" within the grid for the associated promotion.   Modifying an existing promotion does not affect internal rewards that have already been issued.  An unused internet instant winner promotion can also be deleted from the edit page.  

The following parameters are configurable via the promotion management page:

  • ´╗┐Internet Instant Winner Promotion Status - Checking this will archive the promotion, rendering it unable to issue rewards.  This option is necessary to disable irrelevant promotions and can also be used to create promotions ahead of time without having it issue rewards.
  • Instant Winner Type - Specifies this promotion should reset on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis.
  • Max Winners - The amount of winners per day, or per event (dependent on the previous option selection).
  • Past Winners - If checked, a member can only receive a reward from this promotion once, regardless of the "instant winner type".
  • Instant Winner Selection Type - Specifies whether or not the promotion will issue rewards at random, or for every X player that attempts (within the day or event).  See the "Odds of Winning" sub-heading for more details on the random option.
  • Rewards #1-5 - The reward(s) entered will be issued to eligible members.  If more than one is entered, than the member will receive one at random.  The randomness of the rewards is weighted equally.
  • Message to Display - Members will be presented with this message in a pop-up window if they are a winner.
  • Eligible Members - Check the appropriate club(s) and/or segment(s) to specify eligible members.  Members only need to be in one of the selected.

After saving the promotion, it is active and able to issue coupons unless the "archive" option was checked.  If multiple languages are being used, content for those can be managed using the links in the "Other Languages" column.

Odds of Winning

For an odds-based promotion, it is recommended to get a rough idea of the expected admissions per day or event (depending on the promotion type).

If you desire 1 winner for the promotion, in addition to setting "Max Winners" option to 1, it would be advisable to use an odds value of "1 in" slightly more than half of the attendance figure. This way, the chance of meeting your maximum winner value is greater, but the promotion is not too aggressive.

A good formula to use would be "1 in" ((Unique Admissions/Max Winners) / 1.6).

Example #1: If you want 1 winner for a day-based instant winner promotion, and the daily kiosk attendance is 40, a desirable odds setting would be 1 in 25.

Example #2: If you want 3 winners for an event-based instant winner promotion, and the daily kiosk attendance is expected to be 425, a desirable odds setting would be 1 in 89.

Example #3: If you want 1 winner for an event-based instant winner promotion, and the daily kiosk attendance is expected to be 1800, a desirable odds setting would be 1 in 1125.

Example #4: If you want 10 winners for an event-based instant winner promotion, and the daily kiosk attendance is expected to be 500, a desirable odds setting would be 1 in 31.

If you do not require that your max winner value be met, you can use wider odds to ensure that the random winners happen more sporadically.

Disabling an Instant Winner Promotion

To disable an instant winner promotion, edit the promotion, check the "Instant Winner Promotion Status" checkbox, then save the promotion.

Viewing Instant Winner Promotion Statistics

Click "Stats" next to the associated promotion within the grid to view related statistics.



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