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How To - Enable Facebook Connect (Portal) & Page "Like" Tracking

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"Facebook Connect" is used to facilitate easier customer web portal login by linking loyalty member accounts and Facebook accounts together.  This functionality is not enabled by default, as configuration is required within Kognitiv Loyalty and Facebook.

Before proceeding with configuration, login to Kognitiv Loyalty and navigate to the system location at the top of the page.

Facebook Connect Configuration

  1. In a new browser window, Login to Facebook and access the Facebook Developer application.
  2. Click the "Apps" link in the far upper-right of the page.
  3. Click "Register as a Developer" if the button exists in the upper-right.  Complete the following dialogs.
  4. Click the "Set Up New App" button to begin the "Connect" application setup.
  5. Name the application and complete the initial dialogs.  
  6. Add a new "Web Site" platform and ensure that: Site URL is set to: https://XXXXXX.customerentry.YYYY/Portal/Index.aspx/, where XXXX is your portal name and YYYY is the domain suffix.
  7. Within the "Settings" tab on Facebook, copy the App Id and the App Secret.
  8. Make the Facebook App available for public.
  9. Within Kognitiv Loyalty, click the "Edit Usage Settings" link at the top of the page on the aforementioned system location and populate the Connect Id and Secret.  Then, Save.

Once completed, members will be able to link their accounts using the "Facebook Connect" module type.

Note: Currently not supported on custom portal domains.

Facebook Page "Like" Tracking Configuration

After Facebook Connect is setup and verified as working, additional steps are needed to configure Facebook Like Tracking.  Members must be "connected" to have their likes tracked.

Note: The below setup may be very extensive as a Facebook employee has to authorize the setup in order for tracking to function properly.  It is not uncommon for this to take several tries before being authorized.

  1. Access the Facebook Developer application.
  2. Begin editing the existing "Facebook Connect" app.
  3. Move "Site URL" parameter into "Secure Canvas URL" parameter.
  4. Enter Kognitiv Loyalty URL ( into "Site URL".
  5. Add the two domains from the URL parameters into "App Domains" parameter.
  6. On "Status & Review" page, click "Start a Submission" and submit to gain "manage_pages" permission.  This will likely create alerts that must be satisfied before proceeding.  
  7. After an initial submission, even more alerts may be presented.  Please review those and continue with submission.
  8. Once the changes are accepted by Facebook (which may take hours or days), navigate to Usage Settings and click "Subscribe to Real-Time Page Updates".
  9. Click the "Install Like Tracking App for Pages" and select page(s) that should be monitored for likes, then click "Install".
  10. Save "Usage Settings".


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