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The Queue Schedule page controls the start times for the queuing of daily batch job executions.  Timing is crucial when scheduling jobs and jobs are not guaranteed to complete before the start of the next hour.  Jobs queued at the same start time can't be guaranteed to queue in a consistent or specific order.  

Furthermore, consideration should given to external data feeds such as imports and syncs.

Queue Job Info

Queue Job

brief description importance / notes

Analytic Dashboard Rebuild

All relevant dashboards or snapshots within Analytics and RFM info will be refreshed at this time. 

Recommended timing is typically last, along with Process Auto Exports -- after all other jobs.
Batch Point Expiration Any point expirations within Point Expiration setup to automatically execute, will execute at this time.  Enabled future expiration projections are calculated as well. This should be one of the earliest jobs in the schedule, to prevent incorrect point-related member communications.
Daily Campaign Process Any campaign member groups set to rebuild will be rebuilt at this time. Then, any campaigns within Messaging set to execute, will execute.  Should not be run at the same time as the Daily Promotional Process.  Consideration should be given to the campaigns and promotions to determine which should be run first.
Daily Promotional Process Any member ranking sets, promotional member groups and location groups set to rebuild will be rebuilt at this time, in this order. Then, any promotions set to execute, will execute.  See above.
Daily Retro Claim Process If batch processing for retro claims is relevant for the program, it will be performed at this time.  Then, if retro transactions are not claimed within the period of time specified in the Retro Claim Settings page, they will be expired.  
Expire Member Descriptors Member descriptors are expired in batches and any that should expire, will be expired at this time. Should not be run at the same time as the Daily Promotional Process or Daily Campaign Process.
Expire Rewards Rewards are expired in batches and any rewards that should be expired, will expire at this time.  
Guess Unknown Gender If enabled in Usage Settings, members with unknown genders will be assigned to a gender if their first name is almost exclusively considered male or female.   
Process Auto Exports Any data exports setup to execute daily will be executed at this time.  Recommended timing is typically last, along with Analytic Dashboard Rebuild -- after all other jobs.
Purge Inactive Placeholder Accounts Inactive accounts with the placeholder status will be deleted when this job executes.  The definition of an "inactive" placeholder is configured within Usage Settings.  
Rebuild X Groups Any group due for rebuild of the specified type, will rebuild at this time. All rebuilds only impact reporting, with the exception of product groups which may be used in promotions.
Remove Expired Verification Codes Removes old verification codes from the database.  
Send Reward Certificate Messages Any undelivered rewards that are enabled for certificate messaging, will be messaged to members at this time.   
Update Member Stored Age Member ages are not calculated on-the-fly, but in batch. This is the time that this calculation will be made. Consideration should be given to any age-related promotions and/or campaigns.


Example Queue Schedule

The below queue schedule is an example schedule for a US-based program that spans the continental US, with the corporate timezone being Eastern Time.  All data imports are expected to complete prior to 3 AM Eastern, while all syncs are scheduled to queue at 9 AM Eastern.

Queue Job

Time reasoning
Purge Inactive Placeholder Accounts 3:00 AM Removal of "dead" accounts scheduled before all other jobs.
Remove Expired Verification Codes 3:00 AM Maintenance task that should have zero effect on the database.
Update Member Stored Age 3:00 AM Essentially a maintenance task to ensure all ages are up-to-date with consideration to all three timezones.

Expire Rewards

3:00 AM

Allows members until Midnight (local Pacific) to utilize rewards.
Batch Point Expiration 3:00 AM Expire all points to ensure members are not erroneously bonused or messaged in later processes.
Expire Member Descriptors 3:00 AM Promotions and campaigns are configured with the thinking in mind that any member descriptors expire first.
Rebuild Groups (Product) 3:00 AM Rebuilds product groups to ensure they are up-to-date prior to any related daily promotions being queued.
Guess Unknown Gender 4:00 AM Scheduled shortly after age, because it is a "guess" procedure and is often less visible to member.  Placed closer to daily promotional/campaign process and reporting in case member enrolls just prior to with an unknown gender and is "missed".
Daily Retro Claim Process 4:00 AM Ensures completion before Daily Promotional Process runs, in case eligibility is dependent.
Daily Promotional Process 5:00 AM Scheduled before the Daily Campaign Process because campaigns are dependent on promotional results in this setup.
Daily Campaign Process 6:00 AM Scheduled after the Daily Promotional Process because campaigns are dependent on promotional results in this setup.
Rebuild Groups (All Others) 7:00 AM All group types with a specific stand-alone daily process, except for product, are typically used only for reporting.
Analytic Dashboard Rebuild 7:00 AM For accurate statistics, placed near the end of the schedule to ensure it is queued after all previous processes queue.
Process Auto Exports 7:00 AM For accurate statistics, placed near the end of the schedule to ensure it is queued after all previous processes queue.
Send Reward Certificate Messages 8:00 AM Dependent on expected volume and campaign/promotional specifics.  In this case, expected volume is low so the expectation is that this process should complete before stores open at 9 AM Eastern.  Ideally this comes after the Daily Promotional Process.


Due to potential issues with daylight savings transitions, it is recommended not to set times that may be affected by "shifts".

Note: All times are in the corporate timezone, which is displayed at the top of the page.

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