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Portal Appearance Settings

System LocationWeb / Member Portal / Portal Settings / Portal Appearance Settings

The Portal Appearance Settings allows for instantaneous changes to the overall theme, colors, fonts, and background style used on the customer web portal.

Managing Portal Appearance Settings

To make changes to the portal appearance, click the "Edit Portal Appearance Settings" link at the top of the page.  Once the edit page has loaded, make the appropriate change(s), then click the "Save" link to store the changes.

Theme Related Items

Information about portal theme-specific terminology and items can be found on the portal theme page.  However, some configurable items are independent of this page.


Non-Theme Related Items


A hyperlink refers to any clickable text that will forward viewers to another webpage.  This includes inherently displayed hyperlinks and configured hyperlinks.


The term "grid" refers to module types that present information in a grid form, such as "member activity", which is shown in the above image.


Custom Styles

The "custom styles" box allows for input of CSS that can be utilized throughout the portal in an effort to "override" the default styling of the customer web portal and also to change characteristics of the portal that cannot be altered using any of the aforementioned options.


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