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Children Birthdate Promotion

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*Deprecated the ability to create this promotion type, but you may still edit existing promotions

A children birthdate promotion is a trigger-based promotion that issues an internal reward to eligible members on or around their childrens' birthdays.  The days before and after the birthday in which the internal reward will be issued, as well as the trigger(s) that execute the promotion are configurable parameters.

This promotion is dependent on the appropriate system usage setting being enabled for child birthday functionality, as well as the member having the appropriate information.

Enabling Kiosk(s) to Issue Rewards Pending Delivery

    Main Article: Device Profile

If this particular promotion will be offered at the SBLP kiosk, in order to issue any type of promotional reward, the applicable kiosk profile(s) will need to have the "Issue Pending Rewards" option enabled.

Creating an Internal Reward

    Main Article: Internal Reward

Before proceeding with promotion creation, an internal reward must be created for use in the promotion.  A single promotion can be configured to issue up to five internal rewards at random, but only one is required.

Managing a Birthdate Promotion

To create a new promotion, click the "Add Birthdate Promotion" at the top of the page.  Alternately, clicking "Edit" within the grid will allow modifications to an existing promotion.  Furthermore, an unused promotion can be deleted from the edit page.  Editing an ongoing promotion will not affect internal rewards that have already been issued.

The first two entry boxes prompt for the promotion name and description, which are for internal use only.  Other parameters include:

  • Birthdate Promotion Status - If checked, the promotion will be set to an archived status and will no longer issue internal rewards.  If the promotion is being created for future use, it should be initially checked, and then unchecked before the start of the promotion.
  • Birthdates in Year - Only birthdates in the entered year will be considered.  For example, if the promotion is setup to issue only on exact birthdates within 2011, a member with a child birthdate of January 1 will not be considered eligible in 2012.
  • Process Promotion - The checked triggers will execute issuance of the internal reward when an eligible member fulfills them.
  • Valid Days Before Birthdate - The eligible member must fulfill one of the triggers within this day amount prior to their birthday.
  • Valid Days After Birthdate - The eligible member must fulfill one of the triggers within this day amount after their birthday.
  • Rewards #1-5 - Up to five internal rewards can be specified, one of which will be issued at random to an eligible member.  The rewards entered are identically weighted.
  • Eligible Members - Check the clubs and/or segments that a member must be associated with in order to receive the internal reward.

After saving, if the promotion is not in an archived status, it is active and can issue internal rewards.

Disabling a Children Birthdate Promotion

To disable, or archive an existing promotion, click "Edit" in the main grid for the associated promotion, check the "Children Birthdate Promotion Status" checkbox, then save the promotion.

Viewing Children Birthdate Promotion Statistics

To view statistics for a promotion, click the "Stats" link in the grid for the associated promotion.

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