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Web Service Return Codes

Additional error codes may be generated. Their descriptions can be found by calling GetReturnCodeMessage or contacting Kognitiv Loyalty Support.


Code Message Details
0 OK Success.  However, this does not always guarantee that the intended action has occurred.
1 Undefined Error Usually caused by a badly truncated web service security token, client development error, or loyalty platform problem.  If the security token is confirmed as legitimate, please contact Kognitiv Loyalty Support.
2 Required Field Missing A required parameter within the method was not sent.  All parameters must be sent, regardless if the related data is required or optional.
4 Call is Invalid When No Portal is Installed Web service is dependent on having Kognitiv Loyalty customer web portal enabled.
5 Invalid Parameter(s) A parameter provided is likely out of range.
6 Feature is not Enabled Please contact Kognitiv Loyalty Support and provide the attempted call info.
7 UTC Offset is Invalid The provided offset is not within the allowable range.
100 Invalid Security Token The web service security token was not entered properly or not valid within the database.  A 104 may also be returned depending on the token format.
101 Insufficient Permission The web service/WS security role/token associated with the web service security token does not have access to the requested method.
102 Security Token Suspended The security token has been set to "suspended".
103 Token is a Template Token The security token provided has been created for the sole purpose of temporary token creation.
104 Invalid Security Token (Temporary) The web service security token was not entered properly or not valid within the database.  A 100 may also be returned depending on the token format.
105 Temporary Token Has Expired  
106 Token is not a Template Token The security token provided was not created for the sole purpose of temporary token creation.
200 Invalid Upload Template Id The Id entered for the web service file upload template is invalid.
201 Import Max Uploads Exceeded Too many files have been uploaded within the last 24 hours.
202 Invalid Import File Id The import file Id does not match an existing import instance.
203 Import Specification is Inactive The import specification has been deactivated by support.
204 Import Specification is Archived The import specification is no longer usable within the platform.
300 Invalid Account Id The Account Id does not exist within the database.
301 Inactive Account Id The status of the provided Account Id is set to inactive.
302 Member is Suspended The member is currently set to a suspended status.
303 Invalid Program Id The program Id does not exist within the database.
304 Program Invalid for Method The program cited cannot be utilized in the method.
305 Member Not Enrolled in Program The member exists, but is not enrolled into the specified program.
306 Program is Locked The program itself has been locked and is not subject to modifications.
307 Invalid Email Type External Reference The external reference for the Email item type is invalid.
308 Invalid Phone Number Type External Reference The external reference for the Phone Number item type is invalid.
309 Invalid Address Type External Reference The external reference for the address item type is invalid.
310 No Email Address Match The email address is not associated to a member in the database.
311 Invalid Internal Member Id The internal member Id is invalid.  Either the member Id does not exist, or the member is queued for system deletion.
312 Member is a Prospect The member is an unverified nonmember and is not supported by this method.
313 Member is not a Prospect The member is not an unverified nonmember and this is not supported by the method.
314 Duplicate Email Address Processing this request would result in a duplicate Email address and that would violate data integrity rules.
315 Duplicate Phone Number Processing this request would result in a duplicate phone number and that would violate data integrity rules.
316 Invalid Mobile Carrier External Reference The external reference does not match an existing mobile carrier.
317 Invalid Region for Country The region is not a valid option for the country.
318 Duplicate Account Id Account Id already exists in database.
319 Invalid Id Type External Reference The external reference does not match an existing account Id type.
320 Invalid Enrollment Timestamp Enrollment timestamps must be in US-format (MM-DD-YYYY HH:MM:SS)
321 Invalid Phone Number Verify phone number formatting is correct.
405 No Default Loyalty Program No program is set to the default.  This is an unusual error and should be reported to Kognitiv Loyalty Support.
500 Invalid Reward Id The provided reward Id does not exist within the database.
501 Reward Already Redeemed The request is invalid, because the reward already has a redeemed status.
502 Reward Already Canceled The request is invalid, because the reward already has been canceled.
503 Invalid Reward Location External Reference The external reference does not match an existing location.
504 Invalid Reward Type External Reference The reward type external reference does not match a reward type.
505 Reward Type is Archived The reward type has been archived for usage.
506 Reward Type is Not a Variable Reward The reward type external reference does not match a variable reward.
507 Insufficient Points for Reward The member does not have enough available points to receive the reward.
508 General Error Issuing Reward An undefined error has occurred upon attempting to issue the reward.
509 Reward Type Has Exceeded Issue Limit The reward cannot be issued as it would exceed a predefined issue limit.
510 Member Reward Mismatch The reward Id is not associated with the provided member account.
511 Redemption Reversal Attempted on Unredeemed Reward The reward cannot be set to an "un-redeemed status" because it has not been marked as redeemed.
512 Reward is Expired The expiration date on the reward Id has passed.
513 Reward Type is not a Choice Reward The reward type external reference does not match a choice reward.
514 Reward Not Pending The method requires that the reward be in a pending state, but is not.
516 Reward Amount Not Within Range The provided amount is not within the min/max range for the reward.
600 Invalid Feedback Location External Reference The external reference associated to the feedback location does not match a location in the database.
601 Invalid Feedback Type External Reference The external reference associated to the feedback type does not match an existing item type within the database.
602 Invalid Member Feedback Id There is no matching case Id within the database.
603 Portal Member is Suspended The member is currently set to a suspended status.
604 Portal Account Not Enabled for Portal The member associated to the account Id is not authorized to use the customer web portal, as specified in the Portal Access Settings page.
605 Portal Login Invalid Either the account Id or password is invalid.
606 Password is Required A valid password is required to process the request.
608 Invalid Portal Menu Item External Reference No matching portal menu item for the provided external reference.
701 Member already created Member already exists within the database.
702 Invalid Location External Reference The external reference associated to the location does not match a location in the database.
801 Invalid Custom Field External Reference The external reference for the custom field is not in the database.
802 Invalid Custom Field Value The custom field value is invalid for the custom field that is attempting to be populated, due to the value being outside a predefined range, or it not matching one of the configured fixed values.
803 Error in Custom Field Key/Value Pair This is likely caused by incomplete custom field data being communicate in the web service call or a combination of errors seen in 801 or 802 (dropdown custom field invalid value reference).
900 Invalid Transaction Type External Reference The external reference for the transaction type is not in the database.
901 Invalid Transaction Activity Date The activity timestamp is invalid.
902 Unsupported Transaction Type The transaction type used is invalid for the requested method due to incompatible configuration.
903 Transaction Is Not Unique A matching transaction already exists. 
1000 No Account for Phone Number There is no member with the phone number within the database.
1001 Key Code Promotion Error An error occurred that is related to key code promotion functionality.
1002 Invalid Location External Reference The external reference associated to the location does not match a location in the database.
1100 Invalid Timestamp Timestamps must be in US-format (MM-DD-YYYY HH:MM:SS).
1200 Invalid Interaction Type External Reference  
1300 Invalid Date Invalid date format
1400 Unique POS Transaction ID Not Found  
1403 No Loyalty Member Selected From Cashier Portal Likely the result of a prematurely abandoned cashier portal session.
1500 Unable to Redeem Coupon Offer The coupon offer could not be redeemed.
1600 Invalid Group External Reference The provided external reference does not match an existing member segment group.
1701 Member Already Exists in the Club  
1900 Referrer Code Tracking Not Enabled Referrer tracking functionality is disabled.
1901 Tracking by Referrer Code Not Enabled Referrer tracking is setup to use Account Ids for referral.
1902 Referee Already Referred By Referrer Attempted to send a duplicate referral record.
1903 Referee Already Referred Referral record already exists for this member and is associated to a different referrer.
1904 Referrer Code Invalid or Expired  
2000 Account Does Not Have Delivery Contact Info Member does not have the required contact info to process.
2101 Not a Valid ESP Campaign Provided GUID or External Reference do not match an existing ESP Campaign
2102 Invalid Send Status The status code provided is invalid.
2103 No Matching Email Address Found No matching Email address associated to the item.
2104 Invalid UTC Timestamp Invalid timestamp (MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS) format.
5000 No Member Found Member not found.
5001 Question Set Not Found The supplied question set is not found.
5002 Question Already Answered  
5003 Question Not Found  
6000 Invalid Location External Reference  
6001 Reward is Expired  
6002 Invalid Country Internal Id A country does not exist with the supplied internal Id.
6003 Country Has No Defined Regions The specified country does not have defined regions -- only "freetext".
6004 Invalid Product External Reference Does not match an existing product item.
6005 Locking of Points Unavailable System usage setting does not allow toggling of this flag.
6006 Invalid Barcode or Barcode is not Unique  
6007 Reward Type Is Not Available for Issue Cannot be issued (total issue limit).
6008 Id Type is of System Type - Invalid for Call System-regulated Id types cannot be used in the specified call.
6009 Reward Type Is Issue Via App Only Reward can only be issued via application.
6010 Invalid Transfer Target External Reference  
6011 Transfer Target is Required  
6012 Reward Type Is Not Eligible For Member Cannot be issued (member issue limit, club/segment/ranking set eligibility)
6014 Invalid UTC Date  
6015 Invalid Product Item Custom Field External Reference  
6017 Invalid Club External Reference  
6018 Invalid Member Reward Custom Field External Reference  
6019 Member Reward Custom Field Not Valid for Reward Type  
6020 Custom Field Invalid Data Incorrect data provided for custom field (ex: invalid dropdown value, value out of range)
6021 Custom Field Invalid Date Incorrect date provided for custom field
6025 Member is Ineligible Head of Household The member can't be a head of household.  They are likely a dependent for another member or are restricted due to status change delay.
6026 Member is Ineligible Dependent The member can't be a dependent.  They are likely a head of household or are restricted due to status change delay.
6027 Max Number of Dependents Reached  
6028 Reached Max Allowed Changes of Head of Household As configured in Usage Settings.
6029 Amount not Within Min & Max Range  
6030 Reward Type Has No Issue Limits

Reward type is incompatible with the call.

6031 Negative Values are Invalid  
6032 Invalid Transaction Custom Field External Reference Or Custom Field Not Enabled For Transaction Type  
6033 Invalid Member Custom Field External Reference  
6034 Invalid Feedback Type External Reference  
6035 Invalid Case Category External Reference  
6036 Invalid Case Queue External Reference  
6038 Invalid Property Custom Field External Reference  
6040 Date Is Outside of Allowed Range  
6041 Quantity Exceeds Global Limit Provided quantity exceeds global limit.  Contact support for more details.
6042 Invalid Quantity Provided quantity is an invalid number.
6046 Invalid Recurring Product Promotion External Reference  
6047 Invalid Twitter Username Another member already has this Twitter Username.
6048 Next Expiration Not Enabled Or Not Configured Properly First, Kognitiv Loyalty Support must enable Calculating Future Expiring Points.

Second, "Enable Member Calculated Next Point Expiration" must be selected for the Point Expiration Batch (System Location: Tools > Point Expiration > Add or Edit).
6049 Data Not Available At This Time, Process Is Currently Updating  
6050 No Point Expiration Data For Member  
7000 Invalid Delivery Method Type Id  
9000 Invalid Birthdate The provided birthdate was in an invalid format or was unsupported.
9001 Invalid Member Gender Type Internal Id The gender Id provided was invalid.  Use FetchTypesMemberGender to fetch valid Ids.
9002 Invalid Member Prefix Internal Id The prefix Id provided was invalid.  Use FetchTypesMemberNamePrefix to fetch valid Ids.
9003 Auto Generate Id not enabled


9004 Failed to Fetch Next Generated Id  
9005 Invalid Language External Reference  
10000 Invalid Ranking Set External Reference  
10001 Invalid Ranking Set Level External Reference  
10002 Member Descriptor External Reference Not Found  
11000 Invalid Device Id  
12000 Product Code Not Found  
12001 Product Code Already Entered  
12002 Promotion Is Not Active  
12003 Member Is Not Eligible for Promotion  
12004 Product External Reference Is Not Eligible for Promotion  
12005 Maximum Number of Product Codes Entered for Period  
12006 Product External Reference Required for Promotion  
12007 Key Code Not Found  
12008 Key Code Already Entered  
12009 Key Code Promotion Is Not Active  
12010 Not Eligible for Key Code Promotion  
12012 Not Eligible for Product Item Promotion  
12015 Recurring Product Promotion Progress Tracking Not Enabled  
12016 Member Not Eligible For Promotion Or Promotion Is Not Active  
13000 Invalid Country Id Unknown country Id.  Must be listed in FetchAddressCountryList
13001 Invalid Region Id Unknown region Id.  Must be listed in FetchAddressRegionList
13002 Invalid Region Id for Supplied Country Id Region Id specified is not compatible with the Country Id.
14000 Invalid Timestamp  
14001 Invalid Transaction Type External Reference Unknown transaction type external reference or the transaction type is invalid for the method.
14002 Invalid Transaction Id Transaction Id does not exist or does not belong to the supplied member.
14003 Transaction Already Cancelled  
14004 Transaction Already Processed Transaction does not pass duplicate check.
14005 No Basket for Transaction Referenced transaction has no basket (product-level details).
14007 Invalid Point Transfer Amount Ensure that the amount is above zero.
14008 Invalid to Transfer Between the Same Member  
14009 Not Enough Points Available for Transfer  
14015 Retro Transaction Id Not Found  
14016 Invalid Retro Transaction Id  
15000 Invalid Password Password does not match or contains unsupported characters.
15001 Invalid PIN Length Provided PIN is empty or too long (6)
15002 Invalid PIN PIN does not match or contains unsupported characters.
15003 Invalid Current Password Current password does not match.
15004 Invalid Current PIN Current PIN does not match.
15005 Password Does Not Comply With Security Settings Provided password does not comply with web security settings.
15006 Invalid Google Authenticator Code  
15007 Password Never Set or Changed  
15010 Invalid or Disallowed Member PIN Change Parameter  
15011 Verification Failed for Member PIN Change  
15012 Verification Not Configured Check messaging template configuration and setup.
15013 Cannot Generate a Unique Member Verification Code  
15014 Member Verification Code Generation Exceeded Max Issue Limit  
15015 Member Does Not Have Appropriate Contact Method for Verification Code  
15016 Member Verification Code Was Not Found  
15017 Member Verification Code Expired  
15018 Member Verification Code Contact Mismatch  
15019 Member Verification Code Has Already Been Used  
16000 User Not Found The user Email address was not found in the database.
16002 Invalid Timezone Parameter(s) Invalid parameter or unable to resolve specific timezone from parameters entered.
16003 Invalid User Template External Reference Invalid WS user template external reference entered.
16004 Duplicate User Name  
16005 Duplicate Email Address  
16006 User Not Accessible via Web Services  
16007 Negative Value Is Not Allowed  
16008 Invalid Department External Reference  
17000 Invalid Case Id  
17001 Case is Already Closed  
18001 Member Already Has Max Allowed # of Children  
19000 Member Property Name Already Exists  
19001 Member Property Does Not Exist For Member  
20000 Invalid Member Descriptor for Member Referenced member descriptor is not currently assigned to the member.
20001 Member Descriptor Set to Never Expirer Member Descriptor expire date can't be modified because it does not have an expiration date.
20002 New Expire Date Must be Greater Than Today A past or current date can't be used for member descriptor expiration.
21001 Invalid Import File Id File Import Id does not exist.
21002 Import Specification is Inactive  
21003 Import Specification is Archived  
21004 Invalid Upload Template Id  
21005 Exceeded Max Uploads Database imported too many files over the last 24 hours.
21006 Import File MD5 Checksum Validation Failed  


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