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Referrer Promotion

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Referrer Promotion functionality will automatically award points to qualifying members based on their referrals of new members.  Proper promotion functionality is dependent on the appropriate referral-base configuration within the Referrer Tracking Settings page.

Creating a Promotional Transaction Type

    Main Article: Transaction Type

In order for the promotion to issue points, a relevant transaction type that is controllable by promotions must exist.

Managing a Referrer Promotion

To create a new referrer promotion, click the "Add Referrer Promotion" link at the top of the page.  Alternately, click "Edit" within the grid to modify an existing promotion.  Unused promotions can also be deleted from the edit page.

The two top-most text boxes are for entry of the promotion name and description, for internal-use only.

  • Active Date Range - The promotion will only be active for referrals that occur within the specified date range.
  • Issue Period - This period coincides with the transaction limit per member that is entered in the following text box.
  • Max. Issue Per Period Per Player - This, combined with the above issue period, determines the maximum limit of transactions that can be earned per member by this promotion.
  • Business Unit - Transactions issued by this promotion will show as being issued from this business unit.
  • Associate Transaction With Location - Transactions issued by this promotion will show as being issued from this location.
  • Issue Transaction Type - Points will be issued in association with this transaction type.
  • Point Formula To Issue - The amount of points that will be issued for each qualifying enrollment.
  • Eligible Members - Only referrers in one or more of the selected clubs and/or segments will be eligible to receive the promotion points.

Upon saving, changes will be immediate.  If it is currently within the configured date ranges, transactions can and will be issued to qualifying referrers.

Viewing Statistics

Basic statistics can be viewed by clicking the "Stats" link within the grid for the associated promotion.

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