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Case Management

The Case Management page is the "control center" for an individual case.  This page can be entered by clicking the "Details" link wherever available for a case.

Entering Case Management 

If the case is open and has no associated case handler, the user entering the page will be set to the case handler.  Due to this fact, it is important to use the appropriate exit method when leaving the page.

Case Details

Details regarding the case can be found in various areas of the page.  Some of this information is displayed and can be altered from various subpages within case management, with "Edit Case" being the best subpage for changes.

Case Functions

Generic case functions are located on the left side of the case management page and relate to the core handling of the retrieved case.  

When entering the various case function subpages, take care in using the "Save Case" link which will save any changes, and the "Discard Changes" link which will return back to the case management page without saving changes.

Edit Case

Editing a case allows for changes to various case details, which include the associated location, case queue, case subject, and summary.

Add Private Entry

A private entry is equivalent to a private note that will be attached to the case.  Members will not see these entries and they cannot be communicated to the member unless manually transposed by a user.

Add Public Entry

A public entry is equivalent to an Email reply to the member, if they have an Email address listed within their account.  Also on this page, is the ability to use a predefined case reply, which will initially populate the contents of the Email with a previously constructed template.

Add Housekeeping Entry (Private)

Adding a housekeeping entry is mainly used to detail a change to a case for auditing purposes.

Close Case

If a case is currently open, the "close case" link will be active and can be used to close the case.  Once closed, the case may be automatically Emailed to the associated location if the appropriate usage setting is configured and the location has an Email address assigned.

Reopen Case

If a case is currently closed, the "reopen case" link will be active and can be used to reopen the case.

Add Touch

This function will create a new "touch" for the case, along with an optional housekeeping entry.  Whenever an open case is viewed within the case management page, a touch is created.  However, if another user assisted on the case, but did not actually use the application in doing so, adding a touch for said user will register their involvement.  This will also update the "Last Touched Timestamp" noted in the upper-right of the case management page.

Email Entire Case (Internal Use Only)

This function allows for the email transfer of the entire case, including private entries.  This is intended for internal use only.

Email Case (Tracking)

This function allows for the email transfer of public entries for the case.  This is intended for sensitive internal use or to send a case history to the associated member.

Administrative Functions

Access to these functions are dependent on case-specific settings located within the user's associated role.

Release Case

Forcibly disassociates the case from the case handler, making it an unhandled case.  The case can then be handled by another user.  Most commonly used in the event that a handling user is no longer employed by the department.

Delete Case

Permanently removes all record of the case from the system.  This function is irreversible.

Exiting Case Management

In most instances, exit from the case management page is a manual process and can be achieved by clicking either the "Release Case and Exit" button (if applicable) or the "Exit Case" button.  If the "Release Case and Exit" button is viewable, the currently viewing user is assigned to the open case and the appropriate button should be used upon exiting.


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