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Batch Campaign

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batch campaign is a manually created one-time messaging "blast" that is used to facilitate a transfer of a predefined message to a targeted portion of the memberbase.

Creating a Messaging Template

    Main Article: Messaging Content

A messaging template must be created before executing a batch campaign, unless external ESP is used, in which case, the external provider constructs the Email body.  The template defines the message content.

Creating a Campaign Member Group

    Main Article: Segment Group

To target a portion of the memberbase using rule-based qualifiers, create a campaign member group before proceeding with campaign creation.  It is recommended that a base set of rules are included to make the campaign as efficient and legitimate as possible (Ex: Member Has a Valid Email, Email Opt Out = False).

Creating a Batch Campaign

To create a new batch campaign, click the "Add" link at the top of the page.  The first two textboxes require input of the campaign name and description for internal reference purposes.

To target portions of the member base, check the segment groups, clubs, and/or ranking set levels within the "Eligible Members" tree at the bottom of the page.  A potential recipient need only be in any one of the selected items.

Some configuration within this page is unique to the provider.  If you have any questions about this, please contact Kognitiv Loyalty Support.


Some campaigns require a target setting, which determines where the content is delivered.  Please consult the Messaging Settings page for more info.

Open Tracking

If available, checking this will allow for "open tracking".  A 0x0 image will be automatically injected into each Email that will facilitate tracking of recipients who open the Emails.

Approve and Release Campaign

If the "Approve and Release Campaign" checkbox is checked, upon saving, the campaign will execute (begin sending Emails).  It is recommended to save without unchecking this, to allow for review of all settings before finally executing the campaign.

Re-Executing a Batch Campaign

To re-execute an existing batch campaign, click the "Recycle" link next to the appropriate campaign within the second grid.  This will begin the process of re-execution.

Viewing Campaign Statistics

To view campaign statistics, click the "Stats" link within the grid next to the applicable campaign.

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