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Product Items

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A Product Item is a product that can be purchased by a member.  A transaction can be enabled to associate a single product item with a purchase or a basket of product items with a purchase.  Product Items are not a required entity in the system, but can be used to track at the lowest level, the purchases of a member as well as allow the ability to bonus specific Product Items or groups of Product Items.

Managing Product Items

To create a new Product Item, click the "Add Product Item" link at the top of the aforementioned system location.  Alternately, you can edit an existing Product Item by clicking "Edit" in the grid next to the applicable Product Item.  Furthermore, unused Product Items can be deleted from this edit page.

  • Product Item Name - The formal Product Item name. (String of up to 120 characters)
  • Product Item External Reference - The Product Item's external reference identifier.  This is usually the SKU of the Item, but could also be a Unique Inventory Id also. (String of up to 20 characters)


Product Item Settings

The options below affect handling of product items in transaction baskets -- product entry promotions do not observe these settings.

  • Check to Set Points to Zero - If enabled, product item cannot earn base points.
  • Check to Set Retail to Zero - If enabled, product item cannot be stored with retail value.
  • Check to Drop Product Item from Basket - If enabled, product item is ignored whenever encountered.

Custom Fields & Descriptors

    Main Articles: Custom FieldDescriptor

Custom fields and descriptors are optional.  They allow additional information to be stored, regarding the Product Item.


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