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Interaction Bonus Promotion

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An interaction bonus promotion issues a point-based transaction or internal reward to eligible members after receiving an eligible interaction within the specified date range.  Per-member issue limits can also be set up to protect against abuse.  Interactions generated before the creation of the promotion will not be considered.

An example of an interaction bonus promotion: "Award 5 points to all members who receive a portal visit interaction within the month of March 2011".

Managing Interaction Bonus Promotions

To create a new interaction bonus promotion, click the "Add Interaction Bonus Promotion" on the aforementioned page.  Furthermore, an existing interaction bonus promotion may be modified by clicking "Edit" within the grid for the associated promotion.  Modifying an existing promotion does not affect previously awarded bonuses.


Interactions must meet all of the criteria in order to be bonused.

  • Active Date Range - Interactions with an activity timestamp between the date range will be eligible for bonus.
  • Promotion Type - Sets the limit on the maximum amount of bonuses that a member can receive from the promotion.
  • Bonus for Interaction Type - The interaction that this promotion is triggered by.  If the interaction type selected is not natively accompanied by a location, a location association will be required in the place of the location descriptor.
  • Bonus Type - Specifies whether this promotion will issue a reward or points to members.
  • Issue Reward/Transaction Type - Specifies the transaction type or internal reward that the bonus will be issue to the member.
  • Point Formula to Issue - The number of points that will accompany the bonus transaction.
  • Location Descriptor / Assigned Location - If the interaction type will be accompanied by a location, a location descriptor can be selected here which will allow filtering by location.  Alternately, if the interaction type selected above is not natively accompanied by a location, a location association for the transaction/reward is a required setting here.
  • Promotion Activation - If enabled, members must only opt-in (activate) to the promotion in order to satisfy eligibility.  In this mode, the eligible tree below becomes the eligibility tree for the opt-in process instead of the promotion.
  • Eligible Members - Check the appropriate clubs and/or segments of players to specify eligibility.  Members need only be associated with one of the selections.

After saving, the promotion is active and can issue bonuses.


Viewing Interaction Bonus Promotion Statistics

To view basic statistics, click the "Stats" link within the grid for the associated promotion.

Disabling Interaction Bonus Promotions

Due to the fact that interaction bonus promotions are based on activity timestamp, the promotions never truly expire.

To disable an existing interaction bonus promotion, edit the promotion, then uncheck all qualifying transaction types and/or all eligible member selections.  Before saving, it is recommended to record all qualifiers for the promotion in the description field for future reference.

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