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Transaction Bonus Promotion

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transaction bonus promotion automatically appends bonus points to, or issues rewards for qualifying transactions for qualifying members.  More specifically, transactions must be within the specified date range (based on activity timestamp) and must also be a qualifying transaction type, from a location associated to the specified location descriptor, and earned by an eligible member.  Transactions created before the promotion is created are not affected.  By default, negative transactions are excluded from this promotion unless the associated option is enabled.

An example of a transaction bonus promotion: "Award 25% extra points to all general merchandise purchases next month for members in the Players Club".

Note: Parimutuel wagers must now be bonused using the Parimutuel Transaction Bonus Promotion.

For more information on configuration, read "How to Offer a Point Bonus on a Purchase."

Managing Transaction Bonus Promotions

To create a new transaction bonus promotion, click the "Add Transaction Bonus Promotion" on the aforementioned system page.  Furthermore, an existing transaction bonus promotion may be modified by clicking "Edit" within the grid for the associated promotion.  Modifying an existing promotion does not affect transactions that have already been bonused.

Transactions must meet all of the following criteria in order to be bonused.

  • Issue Reward or Bonus Fixed Points or Percentage - The internal reward issued, or point amount per product or bonus percentage based on the base point amount that will be appended to the transaction.  If the bonused transaction would normally earn 10 points, a 25% bonus would append an additional 2.5 points.  Multiple transaction bonus promotions can be stacked together and will not cause conflicts as the base point amount is used.
  • Apply Bonus to Spend Range - If enabled, users can set a lower limit to issue bonus percentage points once a transaction exceeds the lower limit. Once enabled, the Lower Limit field takes the place of the Threshold field. The upper limit is optional; it provides a way to keep bonus points earned from becoming excessive.

Example: If a user configures the Spend Range with only a $10 lower limit, customers who spend $10 or more will earn the Transaction Bonus Promotion. If users decide to configure an upper limit of $50, customers will only earn the bonus on their purchase up to that $50 limit. This ceiling will ensure customers cannot earn a number of points that could be considered excessive.

  • Allow processing of negative value transactions - When the promotion is issuing points, this option can be enabled to have bonuses applied to qualifying transactions with a negative retail value.
  • Threshold - The minimum amount necessary for a transaction to qualify for the bonus promotion. Note: If the "Apply Bonus to Spend Range" is enabled, the Threshold field is disabled as the Spend Range's lower limit becomes the default "threshold."
  • Active Date Range - Transactions with an activity timestamp between the date range will be eligible for bonus.
  • Booking Date Range - If enabled, transactions with booking dates will be the only transactions eligible and must be within the specified booking date range.
  • Valid Only on Days - Enable the "days of the week" that the promotion is eligible for.
  • Apply to Transactions of Type - All transaction types that are checked, will be eligible for the bonus.
  • Limit Once Per Promotion - If enabled, only the first qualifying transaction for a member will be bonused by this promotion.
  • Location Descriptor/Group - Only transactions associated with the specified location descriptor or location group will be eligible.  This is optional, as all locations can be selected for eligibility.
  • Promotion Activation - If enabled, members must only opt-in (activate) to the promotion in order to satisfy eligibility.  In this mode, the eligible tree below becomes the eligibility tree for the opt-in process instead of the promotion.
  • Eligible Members - Check the appropriate clubs and segments to specify eligible members. Members only need to be in one of the selected.  Depending on the previous "opt-in" setting, this eligibility tree may manage eligibility for either the opt-in process or the promotion itself.

After saving the promotion, it is active and able to bonus transactions.

Viewing Transaction Bonus Promotion Statistics

To view basic statistics, click the "Stats" link in the grid for the associated promotion.  Alternately, individual transactions or rewards can be viewed within the Clienteling Services page, 

Disabling Transaction Bonus Promotions

Due to the fact that transaction bonus promotions are based on activity timestamp, the promotions never truly expire.

To disable an existing transaction bonus promotion, edit the promotion, then uncheck all qualifying transaction types and/or all eligible member selections.  Before saving, it is recommended to record all qualifiers for the promotion in the description field for future reference.


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