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Account Id Type

System Location: Admin / Item Types / Id Types

An Account Id Type allows for segregation between different types of account Ids.  For example, member accounts may consist of gaming room Ids and horse racing card Ids.  Additionally, various validations and settings can be enforced on a per type basis.  The availability of system-default Id types may be limited.

General Settings

  • Id Type - The name of the Id Type (Example: Loyalty Card)
  • Id Type External Reference - The external reference for the Id Type.
  • Rank for Display - The importance of this Id Type with regards to page display and reporting.  The most recently added Id of the highest available rank will be considered as the primary Id.
  • Id Invalid Externally - If this flag is enabled, the Id cannot be used at devices.
  • Card Print Template - The print template for this type that will be used in temporary card printouts or applicable campaigns.
  • Allow Printing of Ids of this Type on the Portal - If enabled, members can print temporary cards via the customer web portal in the "Id List" module type.

Portal 'Id List Module' Settings

These settings relate to the functionality available in the Id List Module used in the customer web portal.

Cashier Portal Id Validation

These settings relate to the addition of account Ids within the point-of-sale portal.

Other Validation

Numerical range validation can be enabled here for the supported origins.  Actual ranges are added from the main Id Types page.  Use of these numerical ranges is not compatible with non-numeric Id-prefix stripping, configured within Id Settings.


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