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How To - Manually Cancel a Coupon

System Location AMember-Services / Clienteling Services
System Location B: Offers / Coupon Lookup

Coupons cannot be deleted in order to be nullified, only canceled.  Canceling leaves a record of the coupon and returns eligibility for the coupon when applicable.

Locate the Coupon

Clienteling Services - System Location A

On the aforementioned system location A page, locate the coupon detail page by either of the two methods:

  1. Enter the search information in the "Search For" box, along with the appropriate dropdown parameter.
  2. Hit the Enter key or click "Search" button.
  3. If multiple results are presented, click the "Select" button next to the appropriate result.
  4. Click the "Coupons" sublink in the middle of the left frame.
  5. Locate the coupon using the grid and associated filtering options.
  6. Click the "Edit" link next to the appropriate transaction.

Coupon Lookup - System Location B

On the Coupon Lookup page, type the coupon Id into the entry box, then press the "Enter" key.

Cancel the Coupon

Once on the coupon detail page, canceling the coupon is a simple process.  The user will need to have appropriate access permissions to cancel.

  1. Check the "Check to Cancel Coupon" checkbox.
  2. Click the "Save Coupon" button.



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