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Point Adjustment

System LocationMember-Services / Clienteling Services / Point Adjustment (link)

point adjustment is a generic method of adding points to an account.  The additional points will be associated to a new transaction, assigned to the account.

Issuing a Point Adjustment

  1. Retrieve the account within the aforementioned system location.
  2. Click the "Point Adjustment" link in the bottom-left.
  3. Specify the appropriate parameters:
    • Business Unit/Location - The originating location for the transaction.
    • Activity Date for Point Adjustment - The activity timestamp for the transaction.
    • Transaction Note - Text details related to the adjustment (e.g. it's purpose).
    • Point Adjustment Amount - The amount of points to be added to the account via the transaction.
    • Transaction Custom Fields - Optional, additional data points setup via custom field functionality.
  4. Click "Save Point Adjustment" to commit the transaction.
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