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System Security Settings

System Location: System / Settings / Security Settings

Security Settings display security-related items throughout Kognitiv Loyalty (not web services).  As of 2018.1, security settings can only be altered on the relationship-level via the Customer Relationships page.

  • Password Requirements - Controls security regarding user passwords.
    • Min. Password Length ## Characters
    • Require Letters And Numbers Yes or No
    • Require At Least One Capital Letter Yes or No
    • Require At Least One Non-Letter/Number Yes or No
    • Password Expires in ### day(s)  (Actual expiration is in hours, 24 hours per day)
  • Lockout After X attempts for Y minutes - When users are locked out, functionality is available within the User page to unlock them.
  • Password History Limit - If enabled, users can't change their password to any of the previous X passwords entered here.  The password being changed does not count toward this number.


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