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Messaging Content

System LocationMessaging / Content

Messaging Content allows for the management of templates that are used in messaging-related content throughout the application, not just within campaigns -- such as messaging generated by activities within the customer web portal.

Managing Email/Text Templates

System LocationMessaging / Content

To manage messaging templates, navigate to the aforementioned submenu and the appropriate page for the template in question:

  • On-Demand Templates - Natively supported trigger-based messaging in "one-off" situations, triggered by member activity, such as those generated for password helps, voucher delivery, and portal enrollment-related messaging.   As of 2014.2, these will not sent to bad Email addresses, with the exception of reward notification, which will be held until the Email address is good or the reward's lifecycle has ended.
  • Campaign Templates - Used in campaign functionality for batch messages (blasts).

Once on the correct page, click "Edit" to alter an existing template.  Deletions of unused templates can also be executed from the edit page.  Furthermore, clicking the "Add" link at the top of the page begins the creation of a new template.  

Once a template is created, multiple languages can be managed.  Content for those can be managed using the links in the "Other Languages" column in the main grid.

Messaging Template Types

The selected messaging template type governs the functionality that can utilize the template:

  • Campaign - Allows the template to be used in any messaging campaign.
  • Reward Certificate Template - Used when sending a reward via messaging. The Reward Certificate Template attaches a reward certificate to the email sent to members, thus satisfying one of several unique reward delivery methods. Additional configuration is required within the reward setup.
  • Notification Template - An additional template used when sending a reward via messaging. If reward notifications are enabled in the reward setup, they are automatically sent within 3 minutes of issuance if the reward has not been delivered. In order to deliver the reward (through another reward delivery method), the template must include the Issue Reward Barcode String, "%MEMBER_REWARD_BARCODE%".
  • Coupon Certificate Template - Template used when sending a coupon via messaging.  Additional configuration is required within the coupon setup.
  • Welcome - If enabled in Portal Enrollment Settings, sent to users that complete enrollment within the customer web portal or via relevant web services and/or other relevant areas of the application.
  • Verification (Portal) - If enabled in Portal Enrollment Settings, sent to users that need to verify their enrollment via the customer web portal.
  • Password Help (Portal) - If enabled in Portal Global Settings or Facebook App Settings, sent to members in the event that they require password assistance, queued by clicking "Password Help" or via relevant web service call(s).

Dynamic Placeholders

When creating the template, be aware that their are dynamic placeholders that can be used to automatically populate program-specific data into the individual messaging.  The placeholder list can be accessed by clicking the "Insert Code Snippet" button on the HTML editor toolbar.  As of the 2016.5 release, placeholders can also be inserted into the subject line of the message.

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