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Customer Web Portal Enrollment Settings

System LocationWeb / Member Portal / Portal Settings / Enrollment Settings

The settings presented on this page control member enrollment within the desktop version of the customer web portal.  Additional enrollment settings that are shared with other web-based enrollment pages are available within Web Shared Settings.

  • Show 'Enrollment' Link Under Login Module - Controls the visibility of the "Sign Up!" link beneath the login module.  Clicking this link will take members to the enrollment page.
  • Inject Enrollment Module On Home Page - Controls the visibility of the enrollment module on the home page.  This module is configured within the Portal Text page.
  • Hide Prefix - Specify whether name prefix is displayed or hidden.
  • Hide Suffix - Specify whether name suffix is displayed or hidden.
  • Hide Middle Name - Specify whether middle name is displayed or hidden.
  • Require Full Postal Address - If enabled, a full postal (mailing) address will be required.
  • Show Postal Address Labels - If enabled, (City, State, etc.) address labels will be displayed next to the corresponding input boxes.
  • Prompt for Missing Enrollment Info on Login - If enabled, members will be prompted with a "complete enrollment" page after login, in the event that they do not have the required information specified above.
  • Show Child Data Entry - If enabled, members can insert basic child data at enrollment.
  • Show Head of Household Data Entry - If enabled, members can specify their head of household.
  • Use Captcha - If enabled, enrolling members will be presented with a "captcha" image (obscured image with letters and/or numbers) that they will have to type successfully.
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