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System Location: Cases

Cases (or feedback cases) are individual member-related inquiries regarding the program.  Most often, these inquiries or cases are submitted by members via the customer web portal through an applicable module and may pertain to general feedback, questions, or issues.  However, cases can also be submitted via web services, Clienteling Services or by Email.  These cases can then be managed by system users within the application.  The management of cases may include repeat communication to and from the associated member, escalation to more senior employees, or remediation by way of general account management.

Cases do not have to be associated with a member, as they can be created manually by users.  However, those associated to members can also be handled via the Clienteling Services page within the "Cases" link.

Substantial system setup and resources are required in order to fully utilize the case functionality.  Please contact Kognitiv Loyalty Support for more information.

Once case-related system setup is completed, all incoming cases will be directed to the "Case Open Queue" page within the Cases menu.

The "Cases" menu includes the following pages to assist in managing cases:

Furthermore, the Case Management page can be accessed from wherever case details can be viewed.



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