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Internet Message Promotion

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The internet message promotion allows for the targeted display of messages to members within member-facing areas of the platform, such as the customer web portalmobile portal and the Facebook Application. The promotion is accessible via web services as well. If eligible, the loyalty member will see their eligible message(s) within the appropriate module. Furthermore, within the customer web portal, the promotion can be configured to display in a "pop-up" window upon the first view by an eligible loyalty member.

Internet Message Promotion Setup

Clicking "Edit" in the grid for an existing promotion will start the editing process. Alternately, the instructions below detail the process of creating a new promotion.

Creating the Internet Message Promotion

Clicking "Add Portal Message Promotion" at the top of the aforementioned page begins the creation of the promotion itself.  The promotion name and description are for internal-use only.

  • Active Date Range - The messaging will display only between the specified date ranges.
  • Preferred Display Order - If multiple message promotions are displaying simultaneously, the application will attempt to display them in the order provided.
  • Message Option - Enabling this checkbox will display a pop-up (customer web portal only) with the associated message upon eligible members' first visit to the customer web portal and in the mobile portal, it will highlight the associated menu item.  If this checkbox is not checked, there will be no pop-up display.
  • Message - The actual message content displayed by the promotion in the customer web portal and facebook application.  Dynamic placeholders can also be used for automated population of data.
  • Mobile Message - The mobile portal-version of the message.

If multiple languages are being used, content for those can be managed using the links in the "Other Languages" column in the main grid.

Message Placeholders

The "Insert Code Snippet" button (upper-right) within the HTML editor window toolbar will display a list of dynamic placeholders that will be populated upon members viewing the message.  This allows for personalization of the messages.

Configuring the Customer Web Portal

    Main Article: Customer Web Portal Module Types

If the intent of the message promotion is to display the message once per eligible member in a "pop up", then no additional setup is required on the customer web portal.  However, if the intent is to display all eligible messages within the customer web portal content, then a "Portal Message Promotion Display" module must be added.

Configuring the Facebook Application

    Main Article: Facebook App Settings

Enabled the appropriate messaging option in the aforementioned setting page will allow for display of these messages in the Facebook Application.

Viewing Internet Message Statistics

The total amount of message views per promotion is presented in the grid.  Please note, this statistic is not a result of unique views.

Disabling a Internet Message Promotion

To prematurely disable an internet message promotion, edit the promotion, and alter the ending date, changing it to a date prior to the present date.  Alternately, removing the web portal module and/or re-configuring the facebook application to no longer display messages will disable all relevant messaging.

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