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A location refers to a physical or virtual entity from which member enrollments, transactions, and general system usage can occur.  Locations are grouped by business unit in the database.  Having multiple locations setup and properly utilized in a loyalty database can provide greater flexibility in transaction point formulas, reporting, and segments.

For example, rather than having all "retail transactions" appear to originate from the "Corporate Office" location, each retail outlet could have a representative location, making reporting more accurate.

Prior to Creating Locations

Ensure that master transaction type formulas are set appropriately before proceeding with location creation, as the transaction type formulas are inherited by the related Calendar.

Managing Locations

To create a new location, click the "Add Location" link at the top of the aforementioned system location.  Alternately, you can edit an existing location by clicking "Edit" in the grid next to the applicable location.  Furthermore, unused locations can be deleted from this edit page.

  • Location - The formal location name.
  • Default Location - If enabled, parameter selections will default to this location whenever its business unit is selected.
  • Inactive - If enabled, the location will be considered "inactive" and unavailable in limited areas of the application that support this flag (i.e. limited to areas selectable by a loyalty member on the customer portal).
  • Location is Invalid for Feedback - If enabled, the location cannot be used in association with external feedback related to the Cases functionality.
  • Location External Reference - The location's external reference identifier.
  • Timezone - The timezone in which the location resides.  This timezone is largely for informational purposes except where otherwise specifically noted.
  • Point-Of-Sale Category - The Point-Of-Sale category that is associated with this location.
  • Location Physical Address Info - Physical address info related to the location.  This is for reference usage only.
  • Location Email Addresses - For reference usage only, with the exception of Cases functionality in which the associated locations are Emailed related information.

Custom Fields & Descriptors

    Main Articles: Custom FieldDescriptor

Custom fields and descriptors are optional.  They allow additional information to be stored, regarding the location.

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