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The Kognitiv Loyalty Kiosk Application is a standalone Windows program that fully integrates the host PC with Kognitiv Loyalty database.  Once installed and configured, the application offers a wide array of options that facilitates interaction between loyalty members and the loyalty program.

Typically, the application is installed on a Windows PC that is equipped with an Internet connection, touch-screen display, and a card swipe interface.  To interact with the program, a member will swipe their card, and have the ability to view marketing material, receive points for swiping, check their point balance, answer surveys, receive offers, and more.  In addition, when the kiosk is not being actively used by a member, it has the ability to display attraction media.

Furthermore, all kiosk configuration can be controlled remotely from within Kognitiv Loyalty and each kiosk can have its own device profile, allowing the ability to specifically configure each kiosk independent of the others.

Creating a Device Profile

    Main Article: Device Profile

Before proceeding with Kognitiv Loyalty Kiosk Application installation, a device profile needs to be created for each PC that will be running the application.  This profile is created within the main Kognitiv Loyalty.

Installing Kognitiv Loyalty Kiosk Application

To install Kognitiv Loyalty Kiosk Application, certain PC requirements are necessary.  More information about these requirements can be viewed in the "Quick Sheet" PDF located underneath the "Related Documents" heading at the bottom of this article.

To begin, start an Internet browser instance and login to Kognitiv Loyalty.  Once logged in, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Record the 4-digit Device Id from the "Devices" page within the "Devices" menu for the device profile that will be used for this PC.
  2. Navigate to the "Device Install" page within the "Devices" menu from the kiosk PC.
  3. Copy the information within the top-most "Device Security Token" text box.
  4. Click the "Microsoft .Net SmartClient Install" link underneath the "Standard Kiosk Installation" heading.
  5. Follow the on-screen dialogs to install necessary pre-requisites as well as Kognitiv Loyalty Kiosk Application.
  6. The "Device Settings" page will load when the kiosk application has completed and will require the following information:
    • Device - The aforementioned 4-digit Device Id.
    • Device Security Token - The token information that was recorded prior to installation.
    • Display Resolution - The Windows display resolution on the PC
  7. Click "Save Settings" to save the settings.
After completion of the installation, you will be prompted with directions to close and restart the application (if desired).  From this point further, Kognitiv Loyalty Kiosk Application will automatically start whenever Windows starts.

Keyboard Commands

  • Quit: Ctrl+Q
  • Setup: Ctrl+C

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