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Item Type

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An item type is a user-defined type for data entry items within the application.  For example, address types specify the types of physical addresses (Example: Home, Work) that can populated within member accounts.

Most item types are simple item types, which require only basic settings such a name, and external reference, with little to no system ramifactions other than creating a new parameter selection or data input box.  However, some item types are more complex and have a larger impact and/or array of configuration options.

Simple Item Types

To create a simple item type, navigate to the system location, then click the "Add" link at the top to create item type creation.  Alternately, to modify an existing item type, click the "Edit" link within the grid for the associated item type.  Unused item types can also be deleted from the edit page.

Case Queues

Case queues allow for specific classification of cases for improved handling by users.

Feedback Types

Feedback types allow for categorization of case-related feedback.

Mobile Carriers

Mobile carriers allow specification of mobile carrier brand to associate a mobile-type phone number to.

Prefix Types

Prefix types allow for customization of allowable member name prefixes.


Complex Item Types

Auto Generate Id

Select functionality supports the auto-assignment of previously generated Ids upon enrolling members.  If utilized, the auto-generation settings and the resulting Ids are configured here.  Upon initial commit, up to 100,000 Ids are generated.  An hourly job runs to ensure that at least 25,000 Ids are available. If not, up to 100,000 more Ids are generated. Please note, once configured, settings are irreversible.  Contact Kognitiv Loyalty Support before proceeding.

An auto-generated Id can only be assigned once and a specific ID in the range can't be manually added.  Example:  If 123456 is an auto-generated account Id and is deleted, it can't be added again.

Countries & Regions

    Main Articles: CountriesRegions

Used in data entry, the countries, and regions (states, provinces), as well as the countries that offer fixed regions are configurable.

Note: If your Kognitiv Loyalty Instance is in International Mode (contact Kognitiv Loyalty Support if you're unsure), individual countries can be sorted or removed from country calling code dropdowns in the system.

Changing sort order

  1. Navigate to the country you wish to resort
  2. Click Edit
  3. Change the Sort Order

    By default, countries all have a sort order of 1000. To move the country higher in dropdowns, lower the sort order. To move the country lower in dropdowns, raise the sort order.
  4. Save

Removing a country

  1. Navigate to the country you wish to remove
  2. Click Edit 
  3. Uncheck Show In Calling Code Dropdown
  4. Save

ID Types

    Main Article: ID Type

Id Types define the types of account Ids entered into the system and can also enforce their format, as well as their starting and ending ranges.

ID Type Auto Range

    Main Article: ID Type Auto Range

Auto ranges handle automatic enrollment of unknown members that are encountered at the SBLP kiosk application or file imports.

Interaction Type

    Main Article: Interaction Type

Interaction types define the interactions that can be issued within the system.

Predefined Case Reply

    Main Article: Predefined Case Reply

Predefined case replies are dynamic templates used to facilitate quick and efficient replies to members within cases.

Predefined Notes

    Main Article: Predefined Note

Predefined notes are dynamic templates used to facilitate quick and efficient note entry within the Clienteling Services page.


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