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An Kognitiv Loyalty Facebook Application (or App) allows for existing loyalty members to interact with the loyalty program through their Facebook account.  Facebook application functionality includes the display of pollscustomized messagingweb promotions, point summary, and account information.  Furthermore, interactions can be issued to participating members.

The application works within the confines of an already constructed template and requires no programming efforts to make it operational.

Kognitiv Loyalty Facebook Integration Setup

The steps below assume the existence of a Facebook profile for your loyalty program or organization.

Facebook Account Preparation

    Main Article: Facebook Account Preparation

Before proceeding with Kognitiv Loyalty Facebook Application creation and setup, there are initial setup items that must be completed on the Facebook account that will house the Facebook application.

Facebook Application Creation

Contact Kognitiv Loyalty Support to begin the integration setup process with Kognitiv Loyalty.  Support will need a screenshot of the application parameters page to complete Kognitiv Loyalty integration process.

Facebook Application Image Upload

    Main Article: Upload a Facebook Image

Kognitiv Loyalty Facebook Application supports an image (logo) that will be displayed in the upper-right corner of the displayed IFrame, as well as within the customizable text options (covered below) or in any internet message promotions.  The main IFrame image will be scaled to 200x100, so it is suggested that the logo image fits this resolution before proceeding.

Facebook Application Setup

    Main Article: Facebook App Settings

The Facebook application has a variety of settings to customize the display and functionality.

Facebook Appearance Settings

    Main Article: Facebook Appearance Settings

Various font sizes, font colors, and text decoration can be controlled within the aforementioned system page.

Facebook Text Customization

    Main Article: Facebook Text

There are various titles, headers, and general text that can be customized for the Facebook application.

Installing the Facebook Application

After the appropriate setup has been completed, the application can be installed by navigating to the "Canvas Page" URL in a browser window.  This URL can then be propagated to the program member base for their consumption.

Upon allowing access to the application, the member will be presented with a login dialog and will also have an application link on their Facebook account page.

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