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User Security Role

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A user security role defines common groups of access permissions on a page-by-page basis within the application.  For example, a system administrator may choose to create separate roles for CSRs, CSR Supervisors, and Marketing users.

Managing Security Roles

To create a new role, click the "Add Security Role" link at the top of the page.  Alternately, an existing role can be managed by clicking "Edit" within the grid for the associated role.

Case Permissions

Case permissions are unique to role management, as case management consists of many subpages throughout the application.  View-level permission settings are still required (addressed) below, but rather than be redundant in listing all of the subpages, case permissions are mainly controlled by four settings.

  • Allowed to View Full Case Details - If enabled, no case-related details are obscured and the user can view all case-related information.
  • Allowed to Manage and Handle Cases - If enabled, users can perform all functions specific to cases.
  • Allowed to Delete Cases - As stated, if enabled, a user can permanently delete a case.
  • Allowed to Reassign Assigned Cases - If enabled, a user can re-assign a case that has already been assigned to a user.

Menu Item Security Settings

Each application menu and page can have up to four permission levels, which are represented by four checkboxes.  In order from left-to-right, the checkboxes represent View, Add, Edit, and Delete.  If a page does not have all four checkboxes available for edit, this means that those disabled permissions are not relevant.

Furthermore, the right-most permission checkboxes assume that the role will have all permissions to the left of that permission checkbox for the associated menu or page.  For example, if a system administrator decides to only select Edit for a page, but not View or "Edit, the system will automatically assume that the role should have access to View and Edit, as well as Add.

Security Role Caching

After an existing role is saved, please note that the changes make take up to 10 minutes to take effect, as security role details are cached.

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