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Clienteling Services

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Clienteling Services (formerly known as Member Lookup), is the "control center" for all tasks specifically associated to a single member account.

Enrolling Members

New members can be enrolled via this page using three methods:

  • Enroll Member - Includes the full array of enrollment information available for data input.
  • Quick Enroll Member - Presents a scaled down version of the enrollment form.
  • Enroll Similar (Quick Tools) - Begins the full enrollment process for a new member, inheriting contact information from the currently retrieved member.

Furthermore, in the event that an existing member or prospect is in the database, but not enrolled into the currently selected program (using the program dropdown in the bottom-right of the page), the "Enroll Into Program" link can be used after the account has been retrieved.

Retrieving Members

A member can be retrieved by using various search methods that can be selected within the dropdown to the right of the "Search for" text box.  This search method automatically defaults to the option selected within the current user's My Defaults page.

Searching for members begins by accessing the "Search View" using the [Search View] link at the top of the page.

Once the search string and method have been selected, click the "Search Now" button to begin the search.

If there is an exact match, the member account will be retrieved.  In the event that there are multiple results, click the "Select" button next to the appropriate account within the search grid.

Note: Searching by RewardCoupon, or Transaction Id, will automatically retrieve the associated member, and present the detail page for the aforementioned item, should there be an exact match.

Member Information

When a member has been successfully retrieved, their account information for the program selected in the "Program" dropdown will be displayed.  All Id and demographic information that is presented will be of the highest ranking type (primary, secondary, other), which is configured within the item type itself.  If there are multiple entries of the same item type rank, the newest will be listed.

Other account-specific information listed includes:

  • # Active Ids - The number of account Ids currently set to an "active" status.
  • Last Note - The timestamp of the last note that has been added.  If a note was added in the past 30 days, this will be highlighted.
  • Last Case - The unique Id and timestamp of the last case added.  If a case was added in the past 7 days, this will be highlighted.
  • Preferred Host - The user that is currently set as the preferred host.
  • Total Nights - Total nights stayed via the reservation functionality.
  • Last Active Date - The most recent activity timestamp of a received transaction with an associated transaction type that has an analytics setting to consider recipients as an "active" member.
  • Lifetime RFM - Reflects the members' current program RFM value.
  • Profit - The sum of transaction profit subtracted by the sum of internal cost ("your cost") for all rewards issued.
  • Point-of-Sale Spend - The total amount of retail value on transaction types within the "general merchandise" and "food and beverage" categories.
  • Parimutuel Wagered - The total lifetime amount of parimutuel wager.
  • Pending Rewards - The amount of rewards that the member has in a delivery pending status.  If a user has "Edit" permission to this page, they will have access to the "Deliver" link that can deliver and allow a paper copy or message to be generated.

See the Point Totals article for more information regarding point-related terminology.  Additional point expiry info is available when "future" point expiration data is available.

Hot Note

The "hot note" acts as an alert message for a member account.  Only one hot note can be stored per account and is displayed underneath the "Hot Note" heading in the center of the page.  To alter this note, use the (Change) link.

Sublinks (Left Module)

General Info

Manages or displays the suspended flag, employee flag, secured member flag, member verification, locked points status, name, birthday, gender, and member host information.

Contact Settings

Management of physical addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Account Settings

Management of contact "opt-out" settings, customer web portal password, preferred delivery method, device PIN, preferred language and social networking parameters.

Id Maintenance

    Main Article: Id Maintenance

The Id Maintenance page allows for changes to the account Ids associated with the member account.


Management of club assignments; adding and/or removing the member from club(s).

Expanded Settings

Attributes & Prefs

Management of member custom fields.


Management of member descriptor assignments.  The assignment date of standard member descriptors can be viewed by hovering over with the cursor and can also have their expiration dates altered by users with the appropriate permissions.  Member import descriptor assignments can also be viewed.


Functionality that allows external files to be attached to the member account (i.e. personal photo, license scan).

Children Info

Management of children and their birthdays for use in relevant promotions.  This link is only active when the appropriate system usage settings are enabled.

Head of Household

Management of head of household functionality.


Management of simple notes associated to the account.  Notes can be modified later to append additional information.


    Main Article: Case Management

Displays and allows management of cases that the member is directly associated with.


View and manage previously issued transactions.  More details can be ascertained by clicking the "View" or "Edit" link next to the associated transaction.  Transactions can also be marked as canceled within edit mode. 


View and manage previously issued rewards.  More details can be ascertained by clicking the "View" or "Edit" link next to the associated reward.  Rewards can also be marked as redeemed or canceled within edit mode. 


View and manage previously issued coupons.  More details can be ascertained by clicking the "View" or "Edit" link next to the associated coupon.  Coupons can also be marked as redeemed or canceled within edit mode.


View coupons, rewards, transactions, expirations and interactions within one grid.

Member Tracking


View details about all previously issued interactions.


View details about campaigns that the member was included within.

On-Demand Messages

View details about "one off" non-campaign, non-offer related messages that the member was sent.  Records with missing info are in the process of spending, or were unable to send due to bad contact info and/or configuration.


View previous and scheduled reservations.  More details can be ascertained by clicking the "View" link next to the associated reservation.

Question Answers

View member's answers to all previously answered surveypoll, and trivia questions.

Segmentation & Ranking

View segments that contain the member.

Referrer Details

    Main Article: Referrer Tracking

View previous referrals and also generate referrer codes (dependent on system configuration).

Activated Promotions (Opt-In)

    Main Article: Promotion Activation

View all information related to promotions that the member has opted into.

Member Change Log

View details regarding changes made to member's account, such as: updating the member's address, adding their birthdate, changing their name and adding/removing them to/from a loyalty club. Information displayed includes the timestamp for the change, the user who made the change and the details added or updated. 

Note: Do not confuse the Member Change Log with the Activity or 360-View pages. These detail member activities like points earned, points spent and rewards claimed.

Ranking Set Move Log

Movement for ranking sets with logging enabled, will display within the grid.

Analysis & Statistics

Transaction Totals

View sums by transaction type and program for the account lifetime or over a date range.  The top grid will always display lifetime, while the bottom grid will display totals over the specified date range after the "Execute Filter" button is clicked.

Parimutuel Track Totals

View parimutuel wagers summed by parimutuel track over a date range.  The grid will display totals over the specified date range after the "Execute Filter" button is clicked.

Monthly Spending Trend

View retail spend totals and trends for the member for each month, over the past 24 months.

Monthly Points Earned Trend

View earned points totals and trends for the member for each month, over the past 24 months.

Location Totals

View transaction totals grouped by location.  The top grid will always display lifetime, while the bottom grid will display totals over the specified date range after the "Execute Filter" button is clicked.

Product Totals

View product-level purchase details over a date range. The grid will display totals over the specified date range after the "Execute Filter" button is clicked.

Yearly Point Totals

View yearly point totals for the specified calendar year.

Running Points Available

Displays a chronological timeline of the system actions that altered a players available point balance.

Statements & Exports


PDF reports are available for the retrieved member, that provide printable options of various activity grids.


Summary-based data exports are available for the retrieved member that provide a flexible option for analyzing data outside of the platform.


Delete Player

    Main Article: How To - Manually Delete a Member

Deletion of a member account and its associated information is permanent and cannot be reversed.

Combine Into

    Main Article: How To - Combine Member Accounts 

Member combines are used to completely merge two accounts into one.  The "least important" account should be retrieved first, before proceeding with the combine function.

Process Rewards

The "Process Reward" links allow for the manual processing of pending reward issuance that would normally require intervention by the member to trigger these processes.

Process Member Ranking Set

This link will re-calculate this member's level assignment status within a specific member ranking set that is selected on the following page.  This function is not immediate and may take time to complete as there may be other jobs scheduled ahead of it.

Queue Sync Records

Allows for on-demand execution of external synchronization methods for this member account.

Send Password Help Message

Executes transfer of a "password help" message to the member for password recovery.

Point Adjustment

    Main Article: Point Adjustment

Issues points to the member, without associating it with a known transaction type.

Point Transfer

    Main Article: Point Transfer

Allows for transfer of points between the selected member and another member.  The other member will be selected on the following page.

Manual Transaction

    Main Article: Manual Transaction

Issues a transaction to the member, using a known transaction type.

Promotion Code Entry

Submits promotion code(s) on behalf of the member for following promotions:

Issue Reward

    Main Article: Issue Reward

Manually issue a choice reward.  Issuing multiple choice rewards in a single visit requires the appropriate user permission.

Issue Variable Reward

Manually issue a variable reward.

Add Interaction

Manually adds an interaction to the retrieved member.

Accept Terms of Service

Allows users to accept "terms of service" on behalf of the member and issues the related interaction.  If the item is disabled, either the user does not have permission or the member has already received the interaction.

Quick Tools (Bottom-Right Module)

Lost Card

Provides a one-click shortcut to the "Add" page within Id Maintenance.  Suitable for adding an additional account Id to the member account.

Enroll Similar

Begins the full enrollment process for a new member, inheriting contact information from the currently retrieved member.

Redemption Options

Displays the current member's current eligibility status for available reward selections (Example: How many points the member needs to receive a particular forced reward).  This list is sorted by points needed ascending, point value descending. Note, this page does not display rewards with an expiration date that has passed.

Add Member Task

Begins the task creation process for a new task associated to this member account.

Open Member Case

Begins the case creation process for a new case associated to this member account.

Extended Modules

Extended modules are now available on the Clienteling Services page and can be configured for display within Clienteling Settings.  Items such as descriptors, ranking sets, and groups, need additional configuration within their respective item pages in order to include them within the modules.

Alerts & Actions (Bottom-Right Module)

Linked items displaying underneath this subheading depend on the current status of the retrieved account.  Clicking the links will begin the process of remedying these issues.

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