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descriptor is a "yes/no" attribute or flag, represented by a checkbox in Kognitiv Loyalty, that is used to provide additional information about various items. The items that can be associated with descriptors are represented by their pages within the aforementioned system location.

Descriptors are manually set, either by application usage or file import (member-related only) and are powerful tools that can be used in Segments.

Member vs. Member Import Descriptors

There are two types of descriptors for use with members: member and member import. Members can be assigned or unassigned to a member descriptor manually via the application, via web service or in batch via file import. However, member import descriptors can only be managed via file import.

Member descriptors can also be set up to expire and unassign themselves from a member account, whereas member import descriptors do not have this functionality.  

Expiring member descriptors expire with an "end of day" philosophy. If a member's descriptor with a 90-day expiration setting is assigned on February 2, 2017, it will state that it expires on May 3, 2017. The descriptor assignment will be removed the first time the related batch process executes after May 3, 2017, typically at some point on May 4, 2017.

Expiring descriptor assignments can be removed or altered by users and processes with appropriate permissions. However, if you alter a member descriptor expiration date, the change will only apply to members added after the alteration. That is, once an expiration date is set and members are assigned/issued, the initially assigned expiration date is retained.

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