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Account Id

System Location: Member / Member Lookup / Id Maintenance

An Account Id (also referred to as a member account Id or card number) acts as an identifier for a member account. An account can have one or more Account Ids that can be used to refer to the account within functions such as member lookups, importingweb services, and kiosk swipes. Account Ids can also be categorized based on their Account Id type. Commonly, a member's Primary Account Id is displayed in various areas of the application where only one account Id is displayed. This Primary Account Id is the most recently active added Id of the highest Account Id Type rank.

A member account Id is different from an internal member Id, as an account can have only one internal member Id, which is automatically assigned by the database. A member account can have multiple Account Ids that can be modified by a system user, or by the member, depending on system setup.

An account idea can have three separate statuses:


Inactive - ID is invalid for any use

Inactive for Logins Only - ID Cannot be used to log into the Kiosk, Portal Mobile Portal and Facebook App, and it will be credited with all transactions during importing.


Using Phone Numbers for Account Ids in International Mode

When using phone numbers for Account Ids in International Mode, understand that Phone Number Account Ids will include the country calling code.

For example, consider a user who selects Saudi Arabia (Country Calling Code 966) when entering the following phone number for a member:


Here, the Account Id would inherit the selected Country Calling Code, and the Account Id number would become:


Following Kognitiv Loyalty 2019.3, all new instances of the platform will default to International Mode. If you are not sure if your instance of Kognitiv Loyalty is operating in International Mode, contact Kognitiv Loyalty Support.

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