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Offer Redemption

System Location: Varies

The act of offer redemption refers to marking an offer as redeemed.  Marking an offer as redeemed completes the lifecycle of an offer, in that it was received by the organization from the loyalty member.

Reward Redemption

Rewards can be marked as redeemed in three places within the application, by file importing, and also via web services.

Reward Reconcile

System Location: Offers / Reward Reconcile

Reward Lookup

System Location: Offers / Reward Lookup

Clienteling Services

System LocationMember-Services / Clienteling Services

Web Services

Reward Redemption File Import

System Location: Tools / Import / Imported Files

    Main Article: Simple Reward Redemption File

Coupon Redemption

Coupons can be marked as redeemed in three places within the application.

Coupon Reconcile

System Location: Offers / Coupon Reconcile

Coupon Lookup

System Location: Offers / Coupon Lookup

Clienteling Services

System Location: Member-Services / Clienteling Services

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