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Offer Status

The offer status refers to the state of an offer.  An offer can at any one time, occupy multiple statuses.


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Issued is technically not a status.  An issued offer simply means that the offer has been associated to a member account and has debited points from the account, if configured to do so.  At this point, barcodes are assigned for rewards.


Pending No Longer an Official Status


Starting with the 2014.2 release, "Pending" is no longer an official reward status.  Instead, Kognitiv Loyalty will begin to track delivery counts.  A delivery count reflects the amount of times that the application believes adequate fulfullment-related information may have been propagated to the member, most specifically, the reward barcode -- at current, in the form of a PDF, messaging dynamic placeholder, or in the "view" URL.  Delivery records may also be specifically generated using file imports or web services. These "delivery" points may expand in the future.  A reward with a delivery count of 0 will be considered Live/Active, but "Not Delivered" or "Pending Delivery".


Active (Live)

Live or active is a status that usually refers to offers that have not expired and have not been canceled or redeemed.

Pending Delivery

Although not an official status, this phrase represents an active reward that has not yet been reported as directly delivered to a loyalty member or application user from Kognitiv Loyalty with a barcode. There are several unique Reward Delivery Methods.


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The offer was marked as canceled by a user or web service.  A canceled offer will return any points used by the offer to the associated member account and may also make the member eligible for a re-issue of the offer, if it was issued by a promotion and the member is still eligible.  Redeemed rewards cannot be marked as canceled.


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The offer was marked as redeemed by a user or web service.  Marking an offer as redeemed will finalize the lifecycle of an offer, in that it was issued, received by the member, utilized, and its utilization was confirmed by the program.  Canceled rewards cannot be marked as redeemed.


In the event that the offer had an expiration date, the offer will be expired after the expiration date.  An expired offer can no longer be printed or viewed, but can still be canceled or redeemed.

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