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Event Driven Promotion

Having a promotion template that reacts to Events helps us in achieving a number of Objectives:

  • Provides us with a framework for real-time promotions and challenges
  • Provides greater flexibility to clients as new transaction types do not need to be created to drive a new promotion. Data mapping can be done at the on-boarding stage, and marketers can use this data to drive new promotions, without the need to involve the IT department. Clients do not have to re-engineer their data into new batch files just to run a new promotion.
  • Gives the clients control over whether they want to reward base or bonus points in any given promotion
  • Makes onboarding new clients, as well as migration of legacy ALP-e clients to KLS much easier thus helping us move towards a self-serve model.
  • Clients can recognise, reward and re-act to their own data model, rather than that pre-prescribed by KLS
  • Simplifies the user experience - promotion functionality remains the same, only the event driving it differs.
  • It means we can converge the number of promotion templates we support into just one main engine. Less to support means greater economies of scale.
  • We can use our Event Framework for more than just web-hooks, making more efficient use of our engineering effort.

By first converging the number of promotion templates we offer, going forward it means new features only need to be added to one template. It makes future maintenance so much easier. New features to add to promotions include;

  • Multi-value recognition
  • Recognise and reward other amounts in the transaction like number of litres pumped, calories burned, miles travelled, multiple real-world currencies, etc.
  • Segment as an Outcome
  • Add/remove members to segments in real-time based on their recognised behaviour in promotions
  • Linked member earn
  • Reward other members with a relationship to the member performing the interaction, e.g. Referred Friend, Chosen charity or Employer
  • Multicurrency Earn
  • Reward members with more than just points, or currency from a partner program.
  • Various Promotion limitations
  • Earn a max of 1,000 points per member, only fire once per day per member, etc.
  • A flexible challenge module
  • Allows us to also converge our challenge promotions, have flexible start and end dates, optional recurring challenges, use the accumulator in segmentation.


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