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Flexible Transaction File

Intended Application

A flexible transaction file that can support multiple transaction types, locations and usage of Member Account Id or Internal Id for member identification.



  • Any delimiter except for [tab] and semi-colon can be used to separate columns.  The delimiter used is then specified at the time of file import or file upload template creation.
  • A file can contain only one of the following columns (InternalMemberId, MemberAccountId)
  • Header record is required and must include required columns with their names as stated in the sample file below.  Columns can be in any order.
  • If member custom fields are used, they must be represented by their external reference in the header, in the proper column position.
  • If custom field data is for a "list" type custom field, a semi-column must be used to separate the items.
  • If an invalid parameter for "dropdown" custom field is imported, any existing value for this field will be removed.
  • For checkbox value types; 1, Y, YES = True (Checked) || 0, NO, N = FALSE (Unchecked)
  • If data is found in a custom field column and that custom field does not belong to that transaction type then:
    • Transaction line will be rejected and skip to next transaction.
    • Error will be recorded in the log.
  • If data type is found in custom field column and that custom field is defined to be a different data type to the one in the transaction line then:
    • Transaction line will be rejected and skip to next transaction.
    • Error will be recorded in the log.
  • Verify that the ‘Store Booking Date’ option is checked in ‘Additional Settings’ section on the ‘Edit Transaction Type’ page. If the ‘Store Booking Date‘ option is not enabled, it doesn’t display the booking date in the transaction details page.

File Structure






ISO-8601 format w/ time offset

Example: 2021-06-23T19:05:03-05:00





Required if InternalMemberId column not present.
InternalMemberId Integer Yes/No   Required if MemberAccountId column not present.
LocationExternalReference Alphanumeric Yes    
TransactionTypeExternalReference Alphanumeric Yes    
TransactionExternalReference* Alphanumeric Yes   Unique identifier for the transaction.
Value Decimal No 0.00 The retail value for the transaction.
Points Decimal No 0.00 The point value for the transaction, used if "direct points entry" is enabled for the transaction type.
ProfitValue Decimal No 0.00 The profit value for the transaction, used if "externally calculated" profit is enabled for the transaction type.
BookingDate Date No YYYY-MM-DD  
Custom Field(s) Varies No    

* - Denotes that the data column helps comprise the transaction unique key for this import file specification.


Sample File

8989|GEN_PURCHASE|2021-05-19T16:50:00-06:00|33544|DEF_LOC|14|12|2020-01-25|50|1|9|hey whats up|300|W|2,this is a list|2/3/1999|
2117|GEN_PURCHASE|2021-05-19T16:50:00-06:00|333345224|DEF_LOC|0|12|12/12/2021 10:30 AM|50|0|9|hey whats up|25|TE|2|2/3/1999|
2119|FB|2021-05-19T16:50:00-06:00|333424|DEF_LOC|14|12|12/12/2021 10:30 AM|50|0|9||25|TE|2|2/3/1999|
2123|FB|2021-05-19T16:50:00-06:00|333424|DEF_LOC|14|12|12/12/2021 10:30 AM|50|0|9|CHOCoLATE DEVOTION|25|TE|2|2/3/1999|

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