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Kognitiv Loyalty Pre-WS Security Token

What is a Web Service Token

A Web Service Token is an alphanumeric string that encrypts user access and privilege information in a secure and easily transferred representation. The creation and distribution of Web Service Tokens are controlled by Aimia’s clients. Web Service Tokens are created using Kognitiv Loyalty.

All organizations accessing the Kognitiv Loyalty-WS must have a corresponding Web Service Token. Software vendors providing a solution to multiple Kognitiv clients will need to obtain a unique Web Service Token for each client database they access.

Web Service Token must be supplied as a required parameter in all Kognitiv Loyalty-WS operations. The creation of a Web Service Token requires a corresponding Vendor record and Web Services Security Role with Kognitiv Loyalty. 

Obtaining a Web Service Token

(Pre-WS) Creating Web Service Security Token.pdf

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