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Member Future Point Expiration Sync

The Member Future Point Expiration Sync is used to export batches of member-level information related to future point expiration.  This point expiration data is pre-calculated and is subject to change.  Using an associated sync setting, either all members are returned in the sync data, or only those members who have points due to expire in the next expiration period.  Only monthly and yearly point expiration cycles are supported.

Due to potential performance impact, Kognitiv Loyalty support must enable a global database setting before utilizing this sync.  Furthermore, the “Enable Member Calculated Next Point Expiration” setting must be enabled on the point expiration batch level.

Upon each execution, all member changes since the last execution will be included in the sync file with current information. Files are then FTP’d to the predetermined location.

Note: This information is offered as a PDF for portability. MemberFuturePointExpiration.pdf


Member Future Point Expiration Sync

Name Member_Future_Point_Expiration_Sync_YYYYMMDDHHMMSS_##.txt 

YYYYMMDDHHMMSS = Execution time (24hr clock – Corporate Timezone)
## = File Number
Format Pipe delimited
Header record present
Frequency  Daily
Source Kognitiv Loyalty
Contents Member-level future point expiration data


Field Name Type Notes
Member Id Numeric(10) Kognitiv Loyalty Internal Member Id
Member Account Id String(60) Member Primary Account Id
Future Expiration Process Date Date/Time (UTC) YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS [24 hr clock]
The date/time this data was last calculated.
Points1ExpireYYYYMMDD Decimal Points to expire in cycle 1 (date populated in column name)
Points2ExpireYYYYMMDD Decimal Points to expire in cycle 2 (date populated in column name)
Points3ExpireYYYYMMDD* Decimal Points to expire in cycle 3 (date populated in column name)
Points4ExpireYYYYMMDD* Decimal Points to expire in cycle 4 (date populated in column name)
Points5ExpireYYYYMMDD* Decimal Points to expire in cycle 5 (date populated in column name)
Points6ExpireYYYYMMDD* Decimal Points to expire in cycle 6 (date populated in column name)

* Columns only present if monthly cycles are used.

Example Data

11509|343819395|2020-04-11 20:02:28|50.5450|25.0000

The above example is in a "yearly" cycle scenario.

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