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Promotion Activation

System Location: Promotions

Promotion activation (or opt-in) is a member eligibility method available in some promotions that requires a member to "opt-in" to the promotion in order to activate their promotional eligibility.  In cases where this option is enabled, the standard member eligibility tree is used only for the opt-in process.  Once the member is opted-in, they are forever eligible for the promotion from that point forward and any changes in their club or segment status is irrelevant as it relates to the promotion.

In promotion types where this eligibility method is available, a corresponding checkbox will be available above the member eligibility tree.  Once this option is enabled for a promotion, it can't be disabled and other configuration items will also be locked.  Furthermore, the "active" date range for the promotion will also control the period in which a member can opt-in and only transactions with an activity timestamp at or beyond this entry point will be eligible for bonus.


Supported Promotion Types

Currently, the following promotion types are supported:


Member Promotional Activation Methods

Currently, there are "fetch" (get) and "submit" (set) WS calls available within the Promotion method and REST API calls can also be made within the MemberPromotionActivation resource.


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