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Phone Number Formatting

Starting with Kognitiv Loyalty 2019.3, the loyalty platform will store and display phone numbers in two separate modes.

  1. Legacy Mode - The platform is configured to expect phone numbers will all have the same default country code.
  2. International Mode - The platform is configured to require phone numbers be entered in international format.

If your instance of the loyalty platform was created before 2019.3 released, it is likely that the platform is running in Legacy Mode. All instances created after 2019.3 run in International Mode by default. If you are not sure how your platform is configured, contact Kognitiv Loyalty Support.

The way phone number data is displayed in Kognitiv Loyalty (for instance, on the Clienteling pages) is the way it will be formatted in exports and syncs.

Formatting phone numbers

Depending on how your system is configured for phone numbers, you will need to format phone numbers in a specific way when sending them to the platform to avoid potentially bad data conversions.

Legacy formatting

When in Legacy Mode, send phone numbers to the system in the following format:


In the example above, the country code is 1.

International formatting

When in International Mode, send phone numbers to the system in the following format:

+Country_Calling_Code XXXXXXXXXX

The plus (+) symbol followed by a valid one-to-three-digit country calling code is required when in international mode.

In the example below, the country code is 54 (Argentina), the area code is 0341 and the remaining numbers are specific to the member.

+54 (0341) 123-4567



Additional International Mode Information

Account Ids

To learn more about how International Mode affects Account Ids, visit the Account Id article.

Phone Number Extensions

Phone number extensions are no longer supported by Kognitiv Loyalty for users in International Mode.

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